The biggest news from Industry Nine today is undoubtedly their all new Hydra drive mechanism. But that’s not the only new product they’re launching today. While Hydra is certainly geared towards the highest end of the market, I9 has another hub option for a more modest price. Thanks to some new manufacturing efficiencies, I9’s new 101 hubset is hundreds less than Hydra, but still offers almost the same performance as Torch.

Industry Nine takes the 101 to a new level of hub affordability & performance

If you have read our first piece on Hydra, you know that soon, the Torch hub series will fade away. In its place, you’ll have Hydra at the high end, and 101 just under that. Utilizing a 45 tooth drivering and 6 pawls arranged in a dual phase set up (3+3), I9 is able to provide 90 points of engagement with 4° between engagements. That’s not quite the 120 POE and 3° of the Torch system, but the 101 also knocks $150 off the current price of a Torch hubset.

Industry Nine takes the 101 to a new level of hub affordability & performance

To get it to that lower price, the 101 freehub forgoes the EDM drivering and pawls of the Torch and Hydra hubs. This helps get the cost down, and isn’t as necessary with the larger teeth of the 101 drivering. The 101 hubs are still completely made in Asheville, NC, but just with new manufacturing methods to decrease the cost. Like the Hydra freehub, the 101 uses captured leaf springs for the pawls, and features premium sealed cartridge bearings along with a labyrinth radial lip seal and endcap proximity seals to retain Industry Nine’s renowned durability.

Industry Nine takes the 101 to a new level of hub affordability & performance

Initially, the 101 will only be available in Boost spacing for Classic J-bend builds. You’ll have the choice of ISO 6 bolt or Centerlock rotor fitments, but only black as a color. Freehub options will include HG, XD, and Micro Spline, and hubs will be offered in 28 or 32h. Pricing starts at $425 for the hubset, and $750 for complete wheels.


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