German-based FLECTR aims to bring you lightweight, easy-to-install reflectors and visibility gear for your bike at a reasonable price – without impeding any of your bike’s function. They’ve recently announced a new Kickstarter campaign to bring a new product to market called FLECTR 360 CL – an expansion to the existing 360 line with 8 new vibrant colors.


FLECTR 360 CL Bicycle Reflector Stickers

Reflectors aren’t new, but FLECTR is taking a unique approach that’s certainly more fashion-forward than traditional clunky plastic reflectors. In a nutshell, they’re adhesive reflector stickers that fit any rim, weigh almost nothing, and don’t affect aerodynamic performance. In addition, they claim it’s the first rim reflector with 360-degree visibility, using a design that wraps around both sides of your rim. With microprismatic technology to throw reflected light in all directions, FLECTR surrounds you with illumination from any angle. Originally available in only one color, their Kickstarter campaign promises 8 new colors to match your ride.

To see it in action, check out this short video:

The Kickstarter ends on March 6, 2019, with product shipments to begin in April. Sign up now to get dibs on your favorite color!

FLECTR 360 OMNI Universal Rim Reflector

For the traditional FLECTR 360, they’ve also announced a new OMNI universal reflector kit, capable of fitting any rim on the market. The original FLECTR was only available in pre-cut sizes.


This chart shows a fit guide to help you pick the best size.


Note that FLECTR 360 does not comply with German STVZO and doesn’t have approval for German road traffic. The minimum rim size is 24″, with a maximum spoke count of 32 (though you may be able to get around this using the OMNI kit and creative use of some scissors). We’re fans of safety equipment, and glad to see further innovation in a more fashionable way that’s sure to gain wide acceptance.



  1. Ryan on

    Good stuff, looks really nice on the bikes shown. If you’re on a budget, this appears to be identical to 3M ScotchLite tape which you can pick up on Amazon in 2 inch x 3ft rolls for under $10 bucks.

  2. Pavel V. on

    The product looks good, but seems to be a scam – I ordered, paid money, but then they never sent anything and pretend they did (and also stopped replying to e-mails).


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