The crew at Deux North is on a mission to explore and bring you beautiful documentary-style videos with their Hunt series. Their last adventure took them climbing more vertical gain than Mount Everest (29,000+ ft), with an insane day of hill repeats up Mount Baldy and the surrounding area.Deux-North-Hunt-7-bike-ride-to-mexico-6

For Hunt VII, they opted to fly south, with a 300+ mile day trip from Los Angeles to the US-Mexico border and back. While it included some daytime riding in beautiful areas, there was even more nighttime solitude…


Check out the beautiful videography in the 12-minute video below.

The whole ride took 24 hours and included flat tires, crashes, and more cojones than most of us can muster. We don’t know where the next Hunt will take them, but we’re looking forward to the journey. To learn more and see the Deux North clothing line, check out the link below.


  1. durianrider on

    Great vid though. Is it on youtube? How can people find it other than this post that will get pushed right down in a day or 2?


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