The last road and trail bikes we saw Simplon introduce were about maximizing speed & integration. But now looking back to road riding for pleasure, the new Kiaro Disc updates the Austrian bike maker’s all-day marathon carbon road bike with improved braking, plus more shock absorbing comfort for those long days on the bike.

2019 Simplon Kiaro Disc carbon comfort road bike

2019 Simplon Kiaro Disc carbon comfort road bike

c. Simplon

The Kiaro was already one of Simplon’s most popular bikes, blending comfortable upright road geometry in a performance carbon road bike at an affordable price. Now for 2019 the Kiaro gets an upgrade to disc brakes, plus the rear-offset Raptor dropouts developed for more comfort & control on their all-road Pavo Gran Fondo Disc bike.

2019 Simplon Kiaro Disc carbon comfort road bike

Simplon describes just about every aspect of the new Kiaro Disc as “Comfort Concept”, with flattened tube shaping to engineer vertical flex from the fork to every frame tube behind the tapered & shaped headtube, while maintaining lateral stiffness for pedaling & handling efficiency.

2019 Simplon Kiaro Disc carbon comfort road bike

The hi-mod UD carbon frame gets EPS molded in a mix of monocoque and tube-to-tube parts to form Simplon’s distinctive shaping, over a single EPS core for the main triangle, with hollow carbon dropouts and size specific tubing diameters & thickness. The thin seatstays also incorporate Vibrex fibers to damp vibration before it gets to the rider, as does a Vibrex-equipped seatpost.

2019 Simplon Kiaro Disc carbon comfort road bike

The new Kiaro Disc gets full internal cable routing, including the ‘Smart Headset’ that we saw on their latest XC hardtail, routing cables into the frame through an integrated upper headset cap. The new bike features flat mount calipers for the move to disc brakes, plus 12mm thru-axles at both ends, and is designed to fit 28mm road tires on modern wide rims.

2019 Simplon Kiaro Disc carbon comfort road bike

The new bike will be available to customize soon from Simplon in six frame sizes & three color options from 2900€ with Shimano 105.

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  1. adilosnave on

    Very clean lines. Nice executed. The only part that I don’t much care for is the abrupt transitions between the headset races. Would have been better as a flowing hourglass shape.

    Have fun trying to keep that white one clean!! My OCD personality would go nuts.


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