US-based Detroit Bikes is known for city bikes, single speeds, and bringing high value at a reasonable price. Sticking to this theme, they’ve announced that their new 2019 Sparrow single speed is the lightest bike in its class, at just 22 pounds and $399 for the complete bike. What’s more, it ships 95% assembled, and only takes five minutes to go from fully-boxed to wind-in-your-hair.Detroit-Bikes-Sparrow-single-speed-white-blue-rims

2019 Detroit Bikes Sparrow Single Speed

Detroit Bikes is based in – you guessed it – Detroit, Michigan. They boast US manufacturing and assemble of their top-end Chromoly frames using US-made Chromoly steel. For those that can’t afford the US-made bikes, however, they offer several other options – such as the new 2019 Sparrow. The $399 price tag gets you an aluminum frame and fork, and builds up to just 22 pounds complete. Other basic spec includes an SDG Duster saddle, rustproof KMC chain, and WTB ThickSlick tires.


The Sparrow is available in four sizes (small, medium, large, XL), and in four color schemes. The frame itself can be had in black or white, with different color options for the deep section alloy rims.


The Sparrow is available for pre-order now, and will begin shipping in April 2019. All bikes include free shipping and a generous no-questions-asked 30-day return policy. They say the bike comes almost fully assembled, and only takes five minutes to complete – and even includes a free floor pump.



    • Joe on

      They do for this specific bike, hence why it’s cheaper in price than their other products. Their other bikes are 100% US


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