Kogel Bearings is known for high quality ceramic bearings for wheels, derailleur pulleys, and bottom brackets. They recently introduced an expansion of their bottom bracket line, with a full suite of SRAM DUB-compatible options. All of the new choices are designed to fit any crank and frame without adapters and carry a “2-year, very-few-questions-asked warranty”.


Kogel Bearings DUB Ceramic Bottom Brackets

We don’t know if it was planned or not, but Kogel announced these bottom brackets on the same day as SRAM’s introduction of the new 12-speed AXS road components. If you’re not familiar with the SRAM DUB standard, it’s designed to be a backwards-compatible, frame-friendly design that combines the benefits of a large-diameter aluminum spindle with the bearing durability of 24mm steel spindle setups.

Here are the Cliff’s Notes: the 30mm spindles used on BB30, PF30, and similar standards are so large that the bearings and seals must be downsized in BB certain applications – due to constraints of the outer bearing race diameter. DUB solves this by reducing the spindle size to 28.99mm, giving a bit more breathing room for larger ball bearings and better seals. While originally introduced as a mountain-specific standard, it has now officially expanded into road and gravel.


Kogel already offered the four mountain bike DUB standards, but just added the road-focused Italian threaded, 386EVO, BSA, and BBRight. That brings the full compatibility list to the following:

  • PF30
  • BB30
  • English threaded (BSA, BSC, ISO)
  • Italian threaded
  • BB86
  • BB92
  • BBRight
  • BB386EVO

All of the Kogel DUB-compatible ceramic bottom brackets have two seal options – standard “Road” and a heavier-duty “Cross” version. Regardless of the option you pick, they retail for $200 and are available now at the link below.



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