OTTO DesignWorks was founded in 2015, with a mission to create clever solutions for simple problems in the cycling and outdoor scene. They just announced an updated version of their popular Cinch Lock, called the HEXBAND series. In a nutshell, it’s a giant locking zip-tie made from stainless steel and Kevlar, providing security for quick stops. The new iteration of this innovative bike lock has been beefed up to thwart even more would-be thieves.OTTOLOCK-HEXBAND-Cinch-Lock-bicycle-lock-studio-green


We’re fans of the original Cinch Lock from OTTO, which isn’t designed as a nuke-proof system, but rather a small, lightweight solution that’s easy to carry and provides a level of security comparable to heavier, bulkier bike locks. Whether you’re running into the cafe for a bite to eat or want to secure gear to your roof rack, it provides a visual and physical deterrent to potential opportunists.


While the original version was great, the new HEXBAND doubles the internal layers of stainless steel from three to six, combined with the original wrapping of Kevlar. While not indestructible, you can see in the video below that it’s highly resistant to snips, shears, and even heavy-duty bolt cutters.

What will that added security cost you? The price increases by $5 to $10 per size, plus a weight increase of about 75 grams. If you ask us, that’s money and weight well-spent.


The belt itself has an anti-scratch Santoprene coating, while the updated lock has a Zinc Cerakote case. As for carrying the HEXBAND, you can stuff it in your bag or jersey pocket – or use one of their optional frame mounts (sold separately).


The HEXBAND is available in 18″, 30″, and 60″ lengths, selling for $65, $75, and $95 respectively. Sales begin in March, with only one color (titanium) available at the outset. Learn more or pre-order a HEXBAND lock at the link below.


  1. I own 4 of the original, and they are great. 3 are in my garage to lock bikes from thieves who might see them and opportunistically try to grab one. The other is a ski lock I carry in my pocket and wrap mid-binding at ski areas.

  2. Wow. Six layers? I love my Ottolock, but the first one I had suffered an issue with the combo and I ended up having to cut it off the bike (Ottolock kindly sent me a new one for free). We tried with cable cutters first. No go. Then we tried with channel locks. Not happening. Finally, my friend went and fetched a grinder. After a nice shower of sparks we had the Ottolock cut off. If that’s how hard it is to get through the original one then this new one must be completely bomb proof. Seriously. I have no worries when I lock my bike up now.

  3. Love my OTTO Locks, but wish they would make a 4 digit combination rather than three. It’s just too easy to cycle through 999 combinations.

  4. I am a daily user of an Ottolock and love it, but not happy with only 3 digit combination (too easy to find out)
    Now waiting for next generation with 4 digit combination, coming soon i hope so.

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