In a big positive step for the mountain biking and outdoors community, an important public lands package has only one more step to go before it’s a reality. The National Resources Management Act (S.47) has passed both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, leaving a signature from President Trump as the final hurdle. He is expected to sign it into law, effectively protecting and expanding mountain bike trails.


The National Forests and county parks on which many mountain bike trails are built qualify as public lands. The new package would protect and expand these parks, and create new Wilderness Areas and recreation areas. It also includes a permanent re-authorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund (thanks to over 3,200 letters to Congress), which helps to support trail building and maintenance, among other things.

To learn more or send a ‘thank-you’ to your local legislators, check out the link below.



  1. Harvey on

    Don’t be fooled. This is simply the latest attack on our natural resources building the Denali National Park and Preserve natural gas pipeline. Look at the shiny mountain bike trail while we condemn humanity.

    • Colin M on

      Harvey, I’ve worked on one of the scientific studies for the Alaska natural gas pipeline. The alignment proposed in the bill is based on several scientific studies done by my peers. What exactly is the “attack on our natural resources” that you are referring to? I’m assuming it is the extraction of natural gases in Prudoe Bay? Are you aware of what goes on up on the north slope? Having been there several times I can certainly fill you in on the environmental measures being upheld at that location if that is the case.

  2. hamjam on

    You deleted comments criticizing Harvey’s statement. I know you think that you are helping to stop triggering all the woke 19 year-olds, but you are destroying interesting content and a sense of community. Its like throwing away your store inventory.


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