German-based AX-lightness is known for crazy-light boutique bikes and components, occupying one of the few spots in the ‘ultra halo’ crowd. Their latest introduction is a limited edition of their ax VIAL evo road bike, dubbed the Race LTD. With gorgeous red accents and only TEN ever made, this might be the coolest bike that you can never own.


AX-lightness ax VIAL evo Race LTD carbon road bike

AX-lightness is no stranger to super-light parts, making a host of wheels, components, and complete bikes. Their newest complete bike is a limited edition of the existing VIAL evo, a 700 gram frame that builds up to a 4.9kg complete bike with SRAM Red eTap (pre-AXS design). Despite the weight, they advertise it as a true race-capable bike, with real-world stiffness and handling.

The LTD build is finished out with AX-Lightness wheels, Continental GP5000 tires, and even custom red handlebars and saddle. Want one? With only ten ever made, you better act quickly.






The ax VIAL evo Race LTD is available only as a rim-brake-equipped complete bike. Further details on the bike are slim at this time, with their release only being published on the AX-lightness Facebook page. No official MSRP has been released, but don’t expect it to be cheap, as it’s the most exclusive build from the handmade German brand. We’re also calling out readers – if you buy one of these, submit it for our Pic of the Day!



  1. Odd they wouldn’t equip it with the latest Red group. People spending that kind of money don’t want to buy a bike with last year’s parts.

    • @Alex, the bike actually came out just before the release of the 12-speed AXS group (we got word of the bike a bit late). No word yet if they intend to update with the newest groupset – but it’s also entirely possible that the ten available units sold out immediately.

  2. Trek Émonda weights (no hardware)

    • Émonda SLR frame 640g
    • Émonda SLR fork 313g

    • Émonda SLR Disc frame 665g
    • Émonda SLR Disc fork 350g

    • It would be lighter if they didn’t use the trendy fiberglass/carbon cosmetic layer. But I’m sure that they aren’t counting on the average high end consumer knowing that you can’t dye or change of carbon fibers, since carbon is reduced to it’s most basic properties when it’s manufactured. Looks cool though!

    • Congrats! you found specs on another light bike! Of course, we all know that people should only look at one light bike and not others and that personal taste not be a factor in the purchase of a bike.

      Thanks for coming to the rescue of so many riders looking for lighter steeds.

  3. The now defunct Cervelo RCa weighed 677g in a 54cm, including all hardware. The fork was a feathery 275g. Or save 5k and get the current r5, gaining 200g between the frame and fork.
    Current SWorks Tarmac (rim) is 733g.

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