Only in Canada for now, Shimano has started a recycling program for used cycling shoes. Turn in any brand of bike shoe in any condition at one of 70 participating bike shops throughout Canada, and you’ll get 25% off the price of any new pair of Shimano cycling shoes. The deal runs through April 20, 2019.

The old kicks will be collected by TerraCycle to be broken down into their parts and re-used or otherwise recycled in some way. Everything from buckles to rubber to carbon fiber soles to whatever upper material was used. The goal is to collect thousands of pairs of old shoes so they don’t end up in a landfill. All boxes will be collected from the shops on April 21, so even if you don’t need a new pair, just swing by and drop off your old shoes so they can recycle them!


  1. Wow. Something Canadians can actually take advantage of.

    Any more info or links? The link shown takes me to the European site and there is no option for a Canadian site.

    I’d like to know what shops are participating

  2. Let’s not kid ourselves. All the claims being promoted in this article are a lie, and the shoes are going to land up in a landfill. There is no economically viable use for scrap plastic from shoes.

    Also note how all the e-waste recycling programs have been fraudulent. When people have installed GPS units to track where e-waste from certified recycles ends up, almost all of all of it’s just gets shipped to China, etc. where it ends up in landfills there.

    • Velo Kitty I am curious about the e recycling because recently China has stopped accepting many forms of recycling material due to contamination making it less economically viable to process. I would have thought if we were already paying them to take the waste they would just keep putting it in landfills.

      • Browsing their website, it is a lie.

        One blurb on their site:
        “download free shipping labels; and send us your waste to be recycled”

        This reminds me of my coworkers who send HP toner cartridges back to HP with the mailing labels that HP provides… which because of our location, go via UPS Air. Somehow it doesn’t occur to my coworkers that more oil is being used to transport the toner cartridges back to HP than is used to make a new toner cartridge.

        Of the 3 R’s “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, recycling should be the last resort.

  3. Why is she recycling what appear to be brand new shoes. No dirt, heal marks or toe marks would be had the get on a used pair of shoes.

  4. Better idea. There are cycling non-profits that take all things bicycle so the shoes would get reused by people that cannot afford new shoes.

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