Yuba makes a great range of cargo bikes, including their front-loader Supermarché – available in standard and electric-assist models. But.. what if it rains? Use a tarp? Stay inside? Come home with wet groceries? If you add their new Cargo Canopy accessory, you can keep riding through inclement weather – with your passengers or cargo staying perfectly dry.


Yuba Bikes Cargo Canopy Supermarché rain cover

The Supermarché from Yuba bikes is their take on a front-loader cargo bike. While originally sold as a pure pedal-power bike they added an electric assist-model in 2018 – equipped with a Bosch electric motor. With a payload capacity of up to 300 pounds, it’s a great way to carry passengers or luggage around town.

Regardless of which of the two models you choose, you can now cover up your cargo with the new Cargo Canopy rain cover. They say that it’s “Kiddo, dog, and grocery bag approved!”


The Cargo Cover has a weather resistant coating, lightweight aluminum poles, reflective logo, and windows that open via zippers and Velcro straps.


Note that the Cargo Canopy is only compatible with the Supermarché model, and must be used with either their Bamboo box or Open Loader cargo basket. It is available now, selling for $299 (includes 2-year warranty). Learn more about both the Supermarché and new Cargo Canopy at the link below


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