Hey man, you know what isn’t any fun? Bummer-numb hands while off on an epic off-road cruise. Fear not, gentle friend, for PAUL Components hath thy back with their new Chim Chim bar ends, featuring multi-facet functionality.

You’ll dig ’em. For sure. Read on, my friend.

Paul Components Chim Chim Bar Ends
Whoa. Check this shit out.

The fresh and functional Chim Chims were designed from a place of true love for your paws, and comes in three flavors (silver, polish, and black) to satisfy your sophisticated style.

Paul Components Chim Chim Bar Ends

But the kind folks at PAUL Components didn’t stop there – when you remove the forward cap of the end, you’ll reveal a spot to stash “emergency matches dry, store that lip-balm you always wish you brought, extra cleat bolts or chain masterlink, fresh herbs for seasoning your camp meal…” according to PAUL’s righteous marketing wizard, Travis T.

Paul Components Chim Chim Bar Ends


Do yourself a treat and snag yourself a pair. Available now.



  1. This is pretty cool, I’m seeing a lot more flat bars show up to big mountain gravel grinders and these would offer additional hand positions for hours in the saddle.

  2. Good to have matches with you if you have an emergency in the wilderness, but keep in mind it might not be a good idea if you fly with your bike. Even traces could cause your bike to be examined more thoroughly by airport security who are not always known for doing a careful job of repacking bikes.

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