For the upcoming race seasons, AG2R LA MONDIALE will have a new piece of hardware leading the way. For the first time, Lezyne GPS units will be mounted to the bars of a pro cycling team’s bikes.

Lezyne GPS joins the pro peloton with AG2R LA MONDIALE contract Lezyne GPS joins the pro peloton with AG2R LA MONDIALE contract

Thanks to a custom out-front mount whipped up by Lezyne for the team’s Deda Alanera one piece bar/stem, the team will have a choice of mounting for their GPS unit. Lezyne says that the team will be using either the Mega C or Mega XL, which means for those that opt for the larger XL, they will be able to mount it horizontally or vertically depending on their choice. The Mega C can only be mounted vertically.

Lezyne GPS joins the pro peloton with AG2R LA MONDIALE contract

More than just being used by AG2R LA MONDIALE, the team will provide feedback to Lezyne along the way as a method of continual product improvement. But perhaps just as importantly, it seems that this signals that the relatively new GPS units (Lezyne added the category in 2015), are ready for the big stage.

From Lezyne:

Lezyne GPS computers debut on the WorldTour this year with the AG2R LA MONDIALE Pro Cycling Team. Lezyne entered the GPS category in 2015 and has rapidly advanced their GPS platform, now headlined by their Mega GPS models.

The French-based AG2R LA MONDIALE races at the highest level of professional cycling. The team competes in Grand Tours, such as the Tour de France, and all of the major Classics, including Paris Roubaix. Lezyne and the WorldTour squad inked a two-year deal that includes exclusive use of the Lezyne GPS computers. The team will also be provided with Lezyne LED lights and tire repair accessories.

Lezyne’s electronic product line has grown since introducing LED lights in 2011. Today, the California-based company offers a comprehensive GPS platform that includes full navigation capabilities, third-party platform integration with Strava, TrainingPeaks and Today’s Plan, plus many other features. With the sponsorship of World Tour team AG2R La Mondiale, the head units are validated at the highest level of professional cycling.

AG2R LA MONDIALE has a rich legacy that dates back to 1992. For 2019, Tour de France podium finisher and stage winner Romain Bardet will lead their squad in the Grand Tours. The team also boasts a strong Classics crew, with the likes of perennial podium threat Oliver Naeson, a former Belgian National Champion. Their roster of 28 riders will fight for victories at every race across the WorldTour calendar.

“The AG2R LA MONDIALE Pro Cycling Team has a considerable interest in starting a collaboration with Lezyne,” stated Jean-Baptiste Quiclet, the team’s head of performance. “The quality of the products allows us to meet the needs of our high-level cycling. The mapping and the direct communication with our training platform allows us the best coordination and precision work with our athletes.”

Lezyne’s worldwide marketing manger, Dillon Clapp, explained, “Working with a WorldTour team, with guys like Romain Bardet competing for Tour de France victories, will legitimize the work we’ve put into developing our GPS platform, and also raise considerable awareness about our products. The feedback from this WorldTour collaboration will also provide unparalleled opportunity for rigorous research and development for Lezyne.”

The team will use the Mega XL and Mega C GPS computers. As with all Lezyne products, these units were designed, developed, and produced in-house. The Mega GPS line provides best-in-class battery runtime and offers all of the necessary metrics, allowing riders to achieve peak performance. In addition to providing metrics, the navigation on the Mega GPS will guide the riders through races and provide preset alerts, indicating crucial segments in the races.

Going forward, the team will provide invaluable feedback that will allow Lezyne to further enhance and innovate the entire GPS platform, including the GPS Ally phone app and the GPS Root website.



  1. alors il me semble que les velo sont des Ridley rebatisés et le groupe plus du campa , un peu des girouettes chez ag2r

    • A recent article, L’Equipe talked about the technical difficulties faced by the AG2R team. For some reason, maybe financial reasons, AG2R had to part ways with Factor right in the middle of the contract late last year. They did not have that much choice as a frame sponsorship.

      So they went with Eddy Merckx bikes, a sister company of Ridley. Eddy Mercks bikes also have to provide the AG2R team with some key components such as the groupsets for the whole team. Since The Lotto Soudal uses Campy with their Ridley, EM went with Campy groupsets because they had a hell of a bargain on those.

      But … the AG2R management also signed a partnership with Rotor. Partnership in which they have to use their cranks and (maybe) cassette. But when you mix a campy groupset (shifters, brakes and derailleurs) with a KMC chain (one of their sponsor) with a Rotor Crank and a Rotor Cassette, you’re saying goodbye to reliability.

      Team mechanics and riders were not happy. Such a mix causes too much issues. That’s the reason of the switch to Shimano. But maybe, they will keep Campy for the Time trials.

      They use re-branded Ridley because they are not happy with the EM bike. But an updated version of the EM is in the works and should be used by the team before the end of the season.

  2. Bought one just after they were released. Tried to contact them with several issues (like having phone in back pocket, wont connect to lezyne which is on the handlebar. Battery life is dope tho.

    • What about Wahoo? Wahoo is giving Garmin a run for their money. The price-tag favors Lezyne, but they are still behind Garmin or Wahoo. But it depends of your expectations. Right now and for the past 18 months, Wahoo out buys Garmin with our customers. The way the Wahoo units work with iPhone or Android Phone is so much better than Garmin.

  3. They should make the out-front mount for aero bars available for the public. I found only one model on ebay and it´s as expensive as my bar!
    My lezyne enhanced super gps is reliable, small, light, long lasting and connects easily with literally every sensor I tried.

    • I use a Bar Fly Spoon and added their Lezyne insert. Not a bad price for solid aluminum. No flex and it didn’t break like my buddy’s MOST spoon which cost him $90!! I had the opportunity to use a Lezyne mega last year but I have not given up my Wahoo just yet.

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