RideFarr has been introducing a number of innovative components when it comes to endurance mountain biking and their latest option seems like a logical progression. After launching the endurance MTB bar, and then following that up with their Aero Bolt-On, the new Aero MTB bar combines both for the best of both worlds.

RideFarr and get more aero with new one piece Aero MTB bar

Looking just like their Endurance MTB bar with the Aero Bolt-on added but in one piece, the new Aero MTB bar is an interesting piece of equipment. Built with a full carbon construction, the bar offers the typical MTB hand positioning as well as multiple hand positions at the center of the bar for more aerodynamic riding. This should make the bar ideal for stage racing or MTB marathon racing where long stints in the saddle will have you looking for options to change up your positioning.

RideFarr and get more aero with new one piece Aero MTB bar

At the front of the aero add on, you’ll find a rounded section for installing your GPS or light, and the bar uses a typical 31.8mm clamp diameter for use with a traditional stem.

RideFarr and get more aero with new one piece Aero MTB bar

Overall, the bar measures 720mm wide with the aero portion measuring 148mm x 134mm. It’s not listed, but we’d assume that these will have the same 9° backsweep as the Endurance MTB bar.

Claimed weight is listed as 239g which includes gripper pads for your palms at the center of the bar, and the bars will retail for $240 (plus $12 shipping to the U.S., EU, and Australia). Expect them to be available by mid-April.


  1. King County on

    This is similar to the Bontrager Satellite Elite Carbon handlebar of a few years ago. I dont think that model is made anymore, though. That bar did not have the horns meet and was slightly different. For some folks, something like this has its place.

  2. dockboy on

    When I first looked at this bar, I thought the accessory clamp area was meant to be the stem clamp, and that this bar had an extra 5″ extension like it wanted to be from 1994.

    Then I drank my coffee.

  3. bart on

    I’m curious about this bar for bike packing. It would be interesting to see if a gps (like a garmin oregon or etrex) would fit in the little pocket while also mounting a proper lamp on the top.

  4. Yagil Henkin on

    I Used it. very comfortable and the design was excellent, until i did a slow about-face riding about 15km/h and that loop snapped. Apparently the loop part is made of a paperthin carbon filled with foam/fiberglass/whatever, much thinner than the rest of the handlebar. I was of course disappointed. Farr offered a replacement at a greatly reduced price, but As I think this design will ensure that the next crash too will break it, I decided to return to my old carbon handlebar, which survived quite a few crashes unscathed. I think the new alloy version would be a much better, if heavier, solution.


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