When RockShox introduced their Torque Cap technology, the idea behind it was pretty simple. Increase the surface area of the connection between the hub and the fork dropout and you’re left with a stronger and stiffer junction of the two. However, that’s only true if you have a Torque Cap compatible hub. While you can still use any standard hub with a Torque Cap equipped fork, the locating shelf for the hub is designed with a larger diameter to work with the Torque Caps – which makes centering a standard wheel a bit harder.

Found: Newmen Torque Cap Fork Reducers simplify hub installation

For those of you who have your own hubs and don’t plan on swapping out to a Torque Cap hubset any time soon, Newmen Components out of Germany has an incredibly simple yet apparently effective solution.

Found: Newmen Torque Cap Fork Reducers simplify hub installation

By adding a small adhesive backed tab to each dropout, you essentially resize the dropout shelf for traditional hubs. This makes installing wheels (or installing the bike on a fork mount bike rack) simpler and easier. Now the hub end cap will rest on the shelf, allowing for perfect alignment of the thru axle without needing to hunt around for the correct position. And since they’re simply stick on pieces, you should be able to easily remove them should you find yourself in possession of a Torque Cap compatible hub.

In the U.S., these are available from Lindarets for $10 a pair. A small price to pay for a little more simplicity in your life.





  1. I have been using these for a while and can highly recommend them. Easy to put the wheel back on and much cheaper than new hub end caps.

  2. Lets be honest about Torque caps- SRAM created this standard to block Shimano’s convenient and safe Centerlock disc rotor hub interface since the Torque cap axle ends are too large in diameter to work with Centerlock

    • You’re right, I’m sure it was a conspiracy to get in on all that sweet, sweet brake rotor money, now that they’ve locked you into standard rotors which everyone, including shimano make. Or not, since you can still use standard axles without torque caps. Who ever asked for a stiffer fork anyway?

      And centerlock totally wasn’t a conspiracy in the first place; it was a genuine attempt to solve all those problems with 6-bolt rotors that zero people ever experienced. It did solve the big problem of people buying non-shimano rotors.

      can you honestly read what you just wrote and not think “I’m an idiot for saying that”?

      • Why is name calling with sweeping generalizations your immediate response to a relatively benign comment on a bicycle website? Why does his comment elicit anger in you?

        Even if you disagree you could’ve just said, “I disagree, Centerlock is a proprietary system that didn’t solve any real problems.” This could lead to a productive conversation.

        Instead you chose to belittle a person by labeling them an idiot, which I think is counterproductive to rhetoric.

        • back up a second. The suggestion that an honest, and effective effort to make forks stiffer without anything propitiatory is a cynical conspiracy to prevent you from using some [but not all] Shimano brake rotors, even though it does no such thing… that’s not a sweeping generalization, in your mind? But my pointing out that the assertion makes no sense, that is?

          I wasn’t calling anyone an idiot, per se. I was stating that I don’t see how it’s possible for anyone to make a statement like that and think of themselves as intelligent.

          • You used personal pronouns, he didn’t. I think you’re tact needs work if you’re going to be an effective communicator. This is not a personal issue and shouldn’t be treated as one.

    • Some hub manufacturers have taken that into account. My DT Swiss torque cap hub ends have a removable piece so you can attach a centerlock rotor. Not that I’ll ever use that unless I get a great deal on some hubs that are CL only.

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