Until now, the only way to buy a Stages power meter was to get the complete crankset system straight from Stages. This left you out of luck if you already bought that expensive crank, and don’t want to go through the hassle of selling it (only to re-buy a power-equipped version). That’s all a thing of the past, as Stages just announced the option to send in your own crank to be upgraded via their Factory Installation option.

All images courtesy Stages.

Stages Cycling factory installation crank-based power meter program

Stages Cycling has slowly but surely become a big player in the power meter game. Beginning with only a left-side measurement system, they now offer dual-sided options, their own head unit, and compatibility with modern cranks like the Cane Creek eeWings and Campagnolo Record 12-speed.

The only problem was that you had to buy a complete system (crank + power meter) from Stages. If your bike already came with that dream crank set, your only choice was to sell it and buy a complete system from Stages.

That changes now, with the option to send in your own compatible crank to the Stages factory in Boulder, CO. The cost is $399 for single and $749 for dual-sided installation, including ground shipping. Expected turnaround time is two weeks including shipping. Pat Warner, Stages Senior Vice President commented,

“We have always been focused on providing consistent and accurate power measurement to as wide a range of riders as possible. This new option delivers our same dependable, consistent and accurate power measurement to riders who choose to use their own crankarm or crankset, in a simple, timely, and cost-effective manner.”

Compatible options include select models from Shimano, SRAM (including the new RED AXS crank), Campagnolo, and Cannondale. The Factory Install program is only available in the U.S. for now, but Stages has plans to extend the service to Canada and Europe in the near future. Find more details and a full list of compatible cranks at the link below.



  1. $400 for a well tested strain gauge/circuit, the labor to install and a two week turn around seems reasonable to me. Plenty of people have paid more for something on kickstarter and gotten nothing…

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