Tired of having to choose between bags of groceries or one of their kids, Yuba decided it was time to make a cargo bike big enough to haul it all. Introducing the Yuba MEGA Mundo – a cargo bike twice the size of the standard Mundo, capable of carrying a ridiculous 880lbs.

Yuba states that with that kind of carrying capacity you could carry eight children, a pile of soccer balls, and the class hamster. Created using the tubing from two standard Mundo frames, the Mega makes use of 36″ wheels and tires to support the extra load and keep those overloaded panniers from dragging on the ground.

Fully equipped to handle even the biggest Costco runs, the MEGA Mundo is only available for one day, April 1st, for $401.








*Obviously this is an April Fool’s joke, but it is a real bike!


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