Curious how custom carbon bicycle frames are made? How monocoque carbon frames are made? Or how you might combine the two into a unique process?

There’s a lot that goes into creating a carbon bicycle frame, from layup schedules to resin selection, so we want to know your questions! Send them in now and we’ll get everything answered by the experts at Exept Cycles! Submit your questions through THIS LINK (but hurry, they need time to answer!), and we’ll dive into the answers on Friday!


  1. What sort of UV resistance to modern CF resins afford, especially compared to what was available 10 years ago or 20 years ago?

  2. Are the labour costs the critical aspect in the carbon frameset prices?
    Will be achiavable a european made frameset, competing in price and quality with the asian ones?

  3. How much of a frame layup design is done using FE analysis and how much is down to testing?
    What type of analyses are used to assess resistance to impact (direct to frame or though the “normal” introduction points like lugs, bearing etc) of carbon fibre frames?
    How is manufacturability assessed during the design phase and are layup defects such as ply migration, waviness and porosity a common issue during the dev phases?

  4. Is there a good place to start for beginners to building bikes/components out of carbon fiber; text books, websites, or similar?

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