Still feel like you have to reserve your deep carbon wheels for race day? Easton thinks it’s about time you kicked that thinking to the curb. Between advancements in hub design and their carbon rims which are backed up by their Carbon Confidence program, you should be able to go aero, every day of the year.

Easton EC90 Aero55 & SL wheelsets are tubeless, wide, & aero for daily use

Starting with the EC90 Aero55 Disc wheelset, these use Easton’s Fantom aero rim profile that is 55mm deep. It’s also 28mm wide, and 19mm internal keeping it within the spectrum of road bike performance. Built with 24 Sapim CX-Ray spokes in a 3x pattern and external alloy nipples, the Vault hubs bring 60 point, 6° engagement with sealed cartridge bearings. Convertible to all major axle standard, the stock configuration is 100 x 12 and 142 x 12mm, and the hubs include freehub options for Shimano, Campy, or SRAM with the new XDR freehub body.

Tubeless ready with rim tape and a valve, the wheels have a claimed weight of 1545g, and a price tag of $2,049.99.

eastoncycling.comEaston EC90 Aero55 & SL wheelsets are tubeless, wide, & aero for daily use

The EC90 SL Disc wheelset on the other hand is a bit shallower, but offers every day aero performance at 38mm deep. Also 28mm wide with a 19mm internal and running the Fantom rim profile, the EC90 SLs have the same tubeless ready ability. They also feature the same build with 24 straight pull Sapim CX-Ray spokes in a 3x pattern and the same Easton Vault hubs with Centerlock brake mounts.

Due to the shallower rims, these have a claimed weight of 1485g per set and a price of $1,999.99. Each include Easton’s Carbon Confidence program which offers a 2 year, no fault guarantee to the original purchaser with proof of purchase of course. No matter how it happens, if you break your wheels they will repair or replace them for the first two years – and it covers everything, down to the bearings.


  1. Patrick on

    You don’t see them often, but I have always enjoyed Easton’s aero wheels. They always look so nice. I haven’t owned a pair since the last gen EC90 TT tubulars though.

  2. Madox on

    Got EC90 Aero 55 recently from the Us and unfortunately the rear wheel got a side kick from another wheel only 150km in and had to be replaced. It’s damn hard to find them on the marker these days, at least in Europe, so I opted for Roval CLX50 instead. Altho Rovals are class hoops by all regards the built quality just can’t compare to Easton’s. Turn the Eastons by hand and they spin way longer than Rovals which roll on Ceramicspeed bearings. Honestly, I didn’t see that coming. Every mm of the Easton wheel is craftsmanship at it’s best. One look at the wheels and it’s clear enough they were built to last. Not side impacts prone tho 🙂


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