The creation of a direct-mount, narrow/wide chainring isn’t revolutionary, but is news coming from crank & ring maker Middleburn. Long known for their long-lasting forged aluminum cranksets with classic aesthetics, this is the first real update we’ve heard since machinists BETD took over British production of the Middleburn range a year and a half ago.

Middelburn Boost UNO TT direct-mount 1x chainrings

Middelburn Uno Boost direct-mount 1x chainrings
courtesy BETD

BETD is moving forward, albeit not at a lightning pace, now adding a Boost-spaced UNO TT direct-mount chainring option for at least the most modern oversized axle/external BB versions of those classic Middleburn cranksets.

Their latest £80 Boost UNO TT rings are made to fit on the latest generation of 3-piece X-type (external bottom bracket) RS8 mountain bike cranksets, offering a 53mm single ring chainline. The 7075 T6 alloy TT rings are CNC-machined in Staffordshire, England, designed for modern 1×11 & 1×12 drivetrains with a tall narrow/wide tooth design BETD calls Thick Thin (hence the TT, not for time trialing.)

The Boost rings are only being offered in 30 & 32T sizes for now, and all get a black hard anodized finish. A £64 Boost 104 BCD 1x spider is also still available for those needing more gearing options.


  1. Anyone know if these cranks are available in 180mm length? I looked at Middleburn’s website, and it doesn’t note it.

  2. These are almost certainly the first Middleburn items made since they went under in 2016. Hopefully BETD might eventually makes some more stuff, rather than just selling off the remaining old stock; I won’t hold my breath.

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