For 2019, Donnelly Cycling will offer a new slate gray color on their GC carbon gravel road bike…and an electric version with motor assist that does something other e-gravel bikes haven’t: It keeps the same geometry as the analog version. It does this by using the Fazua motor system, which is one of the most compact, particularly around the bottom bracket axle. It’s a system that’s being used to great effect by brands seeking to make their e-bikes look more likely regular bikes (or just maintain normal chainstay lengths). The new Donnelly eGC does just that, and hides the battery in an almost normal sized downtube, too!

Donnelly e-gravel bike uses same geometry as their standard bikes

At a glance, you’d be hard pressed to tell this was an e-bike. Which was the goal, along with keeping the handling the same as their well-received GC bikes.

Donnelly e-gravel bike uses same geometry as their standard bikes

Where’s the motor?

One of the tricks to making this look like a normal bike was the cranks and chainrings. Donnelly worked with FSA to get these cranks with custom chainrings to fit the Fazua system. So, for this show bike it’s also running the FSA semi-wireless shifting group, but they say production bikes will ship with SRAM shifting and brakes. (Battery specs coming soon, just waiting on info)

Donnelly e-gravel bike uses same geometry as their standard bikes

The eGC will also use the new FSA ACR stealth bar and stem combo, keeping all cables, wires and hoses completely hidden. MSRP and delivery date is TBD, but it’s coming this year.

The slate gray color of the eGC shown here is also now an option on the GC (gravel) and CC (cyclocross) models. You can check those bikes out here.

Premium versions of Donnelly gravel, CX tires

new premium Donnelly gravel tires made in Czech Republic with higher quality casings

Donnelly’s gravel and cyclocross tires are already some of the most popular options. Now, he’s making them better. Some models will be moving production to Tufo in Czech Republic to produce a higher level tire with better casings and overall design at a new factory. Donnelly says the attention to detail and materials used by Tufo are just better than what’s coming out of Asian factories. Not that there’s been anything wrong with the tires they’ve been making, but, you know, incremental gains. Prices will be a little higher for the premium editions, but the regular ones that they have made in Asia will remain in the line, too.

new premium Donnelly cyclocross tires made in Czech Republic with higher quality casings

The premium options will have smaller sizes, too, like a 700×30 for Strada USH and 700×40 for MSO. The CX tires will also be made just slightly smaller, about a 32.5mm width so that when it mounts to wider rims it’ll actually measure out around 33 so that it’s UCI legal. Look for those on the LAS, PDX, MXP, and possibly a few other tread patterns. Look for these to start shipping in June and July.


  1. Patrick on

    Why bother narrowing clinchers for cyclocross? If anything, make the fantastic MXP and PDX treads in a 36-38 mm. The Venn Diagram of people subject to UCI regulations and those riding clinchers for cyclocross has minimal, if any overlap.

  2. Bogey on

    What’s with so many media outlets calling standard bikes “analog”? This makes no sense at all.

    This is the incorrect use of the term when referring to a pure mechanical drive. Look up analog vs digital and you’ll learn what analog is.


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