Looking for quick engagement, solid build and easy axle and cassette swaps? The new Boyd Tripel rear mountain bike hub has all that, and they say it’s able to do so with very light drag. Oh, and it’s affordable, too, at just $175 for the rear and $100 for a matching front hub. The pair weighs in at a reasonable 440g, and will be built into two different wheelsets.

Check it out, along with the new 55mm deep aero disc brake wheels in this video, then scroll on for more specs and photos…

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Inside the Boyd Tripel MTB hubs

boyd tripel mountain bike hubs offer very quick engagement with low drag

boyd tripel mountain bike hubs offer very quick engagement with low drag

The Tripel uses a 102-tooth drive ring inside that’s engaged by all six pawls at once. Each pawl has three teeth, giving you a very solid 18 points of contact to drive the hub forward. The math adds up to a snappy 3.5º engagement. That puts it close to the ever-so-slightly quicker Industry Nine Torch hubs, but Boyd’s has all six pawls connected rather than using an alternating engagement.

The shell is forged 6061 alloy with a strengthened alloy axle and your choice of XD or Shimano freehub bodies. They’re offered in 28 hole front, 32 hole rear only, designed for Centerlock rotors. Complete wheels come with either their alloy Kanuga rims ($700) or carbon Ridgeline ($1,650) rims.

Boyd 55 Disc Road carbon aero rims

boyd 55 disc road bike wheels

Designed specifically for disc brake road bikes, the new Boyd 55 Disc Road rims use a lighter layup thanks to not needing a brake track. And the shape is new, as is the depth for them, all designed to maximize the performance for disc brakes. Like all of their wheels, you can order them Ready to Ride, too, where they’ll pre-install a cassette, tires and set them up tubeless for you.

boyd 55 disc road bike wheels

The rims are made for today’s larger volume 700×25-32mm tires and measure 22mm wide inside, 29mm externally, and 55mm deep. The spoke holes are drilled at an angle to send the spokes straight to the hub flanges so they’re not subject to undue stresses, and the profile is slightly asymmetric (2.9mm offset) to balance out the spoke tension. The rim itself will be available in about a month, available on existing hubs for a wheelset around 1,700g. But the wheel as shown here will come later in the year…(watch the video).



      • But aren’t they kinda heavy? I’ve also heard that, while their engagement is instant, the engagement is also soft. I remember Shimano Silent Roller Clutch hubs from the mid-90s having a quick but mushy engagement. Bottom line, no product is perfect…
        Also, I think Stealth Industries makes a hub similar to the Onyx.

        • Heavy for gram counters I suppose. Onyx user for 5 years, on and off road. The engagement isn’t soft, that’s just your mind. This is based on experience, not speculation or hearsay. Onyx hubs are on an entirely different level than anything you’ve mentioned, including the hubs in this article. Btw, this ain’t the 90’s anymore. But of course, the gram watchers will never know how good they are. Their loss.

        • Onyx is unique in their use of a sprag clutch. You could call Onyx engagement soft, but it’s a feature not a negative. They are not mushy. It is quicker than any other hub out there, and it takes the edge off of the feel of a pawl or tooth catching. It can also wind up a little under heavy torque as the sprags stand up, this is like twisting a stout spring so the energy is instantly returned as the torque peak relaxes. The net effect is a smoother ride, in combination with the silence and the very low friction characteristics of the hub it is a sublime feel. Plus they are bombproof, the extra weight is well worth it for all the benefits.

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