First came CO2 inflators. Then came tire pluggers. Now it’s the time of the tire plugger/CO2 hybrid. With their Tubeless CO2 Blaster, Lezyne is joining the likes of Dynaplug in offering a device that will simultaneously fill and plug your tubeless tire after a flat.

Lezyne Tubeless CO2 Blaster fills and plugs your tire in one move

Lezyne Tubeless CO2 Blaster fills and plugs your tire in one move

Housed in a protective tube, the Tubeless CO2 Blaster is an extension of their tubeless plugger tool which adds a CO2 inflator to the plugger tool.

Add a tubeless plug to the tool, insert it into the hole in the tire, and let ‘er rip on the CO2 inflator. The CO2 goes into the tire, and the plugger prevents it from leaking out. Then when you’re done inflating it, you pull the plugger from the tire leaving the plug in place, filling the hole.

Lezyne Tubeless CO2 Blaster fills and plugs your tire in one move Lezyne Tubeless CO2 Blaster fills and plugs your tire in one move

Apparently, Lezyne created a fully functioning prototype after just one day with some engineering help from Lezyne’s founder, Micki Kozuschek, proving he still knows how to get things done. The result is a functioning tool that will sell for $50 and includes a strap holster for your frame or seat post. These will begin shipping in May.


  1. Nice idea, but most of the sealants, including Stan’s are not co2 compatible. As far as I know only orange seal and Joe’s no flats will work with co2.

    • They are only “not CO2 compatible” in that CO2 reduces the life of the sealant. CO2 will still inflate the tire and get you home, which is all it needs to do.

      • The issue isn’t the CO2 its the change in enthalpy as the high pressure C02 is discharged through a throttle into the much bigger tyre volume. The temperature drop activates the sealants coagulant and it “freezes” forming large chunks of solid latex in the tyre. The trick is to ensure the puncture being repaired is as far from the bulk liquid sealant inside the tyre

    • CO2 will get you out of the woods, but we found it reduced the life of the sealant (from Stans). You can also fill slower to reduce the temp drop of co2 and again this is about getting home and/or getting back on the bike quickly.

  2. Very clever. I’d like to see a video like this with someone repairing a tubeless road tire with a plug like this. Would you use this same tool for a road tubeless puncture?

  3. Does Lezyne they actually design this stuff? Or do they just put their name on it? Also, Stan’s and co2 creates explosive hydrogen. My buddy stopped to smoke and the whole group died. Not worth it. Use orangeseal and no2.

  4. Thats news to me that Stans isnt C02 compatible. I used C02 to seat all of my tubeless tires, been doing it for years. My sealant (Stans) have lasted to close to a year on one bike and every other at least 2-3 months.

  5. OK. So when putting a new tyre on and inflating it, temperature stays the same? Come on. I know: fitting first, inflate for seating without sealant, deflate, put sealant ina, and then…. slowly inflate with a handpump. Everybody does it that way, right? 🙂

  6. Can the C02 inflator be used independently of the tyre plugger? i.e. I want to take the full kit on the trail with tubeless MTB, but when I go out on my road bike, I can take just the inflator and cartridge. I’ve seen nothing showing that the inflator will work just like a regular one, i.e. through the valve. I assume it can, but it would be nice to have confirmation from someone who has used one.

  7. I would liek to know if at can be used on a valve too. My they would ommit this from the description or reviews is beyond me unless it only inflates through the tyre.

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