Why let the day go up in smoke without bringing a little cycling fun to an otherwise potentially completely wasted day? Here’s a few 4.20 appropriate bits from bike brands and supporters. Some are new, some we’ve posted before, but all are sure to keep you riding high on the saddle…

It’s a (altered) State of mind

eagle scout park ranger cycling jersey and bibshorts kit and pot leaf handlebar tape

State Bicycle Co is going big with kits, bar tape and a handlebar plug pipe. The Eagle Scout inspired kit is brilliant and runs just $79.99 with a very limited supply. They say their green bar tape is stiiiiickkkkeeee and for $24.99 it comes with bar plugs, but you may want to upgrade to these instead:

state bicycle co shows how to hide a pipe on your bike

State’s bar end plug stash and pipe kit is CNC’d in Oregon and fits virtually any mountain bike handlebar and some drop bars or bullhorn handlebars. Retail is $39.99, also available in silver and black. Check out their collection at StateBicycle.com.

Paul Component ends at the bar

Paul Components Chim Chim Bar Ends

Paul Component recently introduced their Chim-Chim bar ends, which have a removable threaded end cap so you can use the hollow shape to stash, um, trail treats. Can’t speak for your mind, but at least your hands won’t go numb. They’re $108-120, available in black, silver or polished.

Put a cork in it

fork cork plug lets you store goodies inside your mountain bike suspension fork steerer tube

The Fork Cork puts your hiding spot a little lower, because a chill center of gravity helps keeps the ride mellow. It uses an expanding wedge design to keep your goodies safe and dry inside your fork steerer tube. Check out the details and some other carry cases and bits from Miles-Wide in this post.

Chew on this

floyds of leadville CBD edibles gummy gum drops

If you’re just looking for the relaxation and recovery benefits without the inhalation, Floyd’s just dropped these gummies and they’re pretty tasty. So, actually, you might inhale them. They come in 10mg 5- and 10-packs, or single-serve oversized 25mg and 50mg gummies. Sold in 12- and 24-packs, check out all the options and flavors at FloydsofLeadville.com.

Found anything else good? Let us know in the comments…


  1. Not only will I not purchase these products, I will not purchase any product from a company that lets their politics get into the way of their products (good or bad). On more than one occasion I have seen folks on the MTN trails partaking in “420”, the same guys would be lambasted if they were doing shots of Fireball.

    This entire movement is nothing myself and 90% of my peers are interested in. Then again, why are on +/- $10k bikes (more than one each)…why would a company want to market responsibly (or to our niche?).

    As for Floyd, I just look down and shake my head slowly…..

    • Why should brands be apolitical? Profit and politics go hand in hand in government so why not in business…

      And I’m more likely to buy from a brand who stands up for something at the risk of profits. It says that they may GAS about something (something more important than judging others based on your own opinions of what’s OK).

    • Why should a brand be apolitical though, or avoid anything slightly controversial? I have more respect for a brand that risks a few sales by standing on one side of the line or the other. The brands that act all wishy-washy through fear of offending a sensitive customer are just all-sell.

      Oh, and I hope you don’t drive a Ford or GM or fly on Boeing, etc. Those companies are all over politics.

    • Roadstain, I hate to break it to you, but your peers are ”interested” in marijuana. They just know you’re too square to invite you over. They also know that even though you have multiple $10,000 bikes (cool flex by the way) you are too up tight to actually have fun. If only there was something that could help you chill out—

      • Joey, the industry we are in – that certainly is not the case. We are often tested (for cause and at random) as are all staff members, be it in house keeping, right up to the “O” level (CEO, CIO, CFO) and all MD staff. All new hires are tested and any + test is immediate dismissal (have seen MD staff immediately suspended and then dismissed with cause). Even in Colorado where it is ‘legal’ it is not and will not be accepted in the professional environments as it is still a violation of Federal Law to this day.

        As other posters have said, many cities banned tobacco in public (and recently Disney banned all forms of tobacco at all parks)…somehow these 420 folks think the tobacco ban is not germane to them, or that they are free to spread their billowing smoke across the trails – it is not okay.

        Just as in cycling there are wives tales about family members ‘helping’ relatives win by adding steroid cream to the toothpaste, or on a door knob…or what ever. A positive test is a positive test, be it incidental, accidental or intentional, the end result is always the same – someone got a positive test. Maybe, just maybe think about that next time your cloud billows into unsuspecting folks on the trail.

        • -stain,
          I don’t smoke weed, never said I did. You made an assumption. I live in a state where it is legal, but it’s not for me. I also don’t get too upset when I smell it because there is basically less than anecdotal evidence that simply smelling marijuana will give you a positive test result. There are plenty studies saying exactly the opposite. I also rarely encounter these billowing clouds of smoke. You must really be unlucky. My main point of you being uptight had nothing to do with your paranoia of testing positive over smelling weed and more to do with you getting al high and mighty on a cycling website for having an article relating to marijuana consumption. I’ve seen plenty dudes taking shots of whiskey from a flask trailsidd and have never seen them being lambasted.

          • True story…was on a black diamond trail sorta stuck behind two dudes on a trail that was outclassing them (and me). One of them burped his tire and was flat…being a good trail steward I offered to help with the tire….so, here we are, dude breaks out a Marlboro (or what ever)…smoked his cigarette while myself and his buddy fixed the tire…when finished he flicked his cigarette butt onto the trail.

            Seriously, I was madder at that than any other thing ever at the trails 🙂

    • I agree with roadstain. Being “uptight” has nothing to do with it, although people with our point of view will always be considered that by those with opposing views. I’ve had to smell more and more weed while riding local trails and it’s obnoxious. I get it..people who smoke love it, but for those of us who don’t, we shouldn’t have to smell it. There’s a reason most major cities have banned cigarette smoke in public areas – people who don’t smoke don’t want to smell it or be exposed to the health risks. Unfortunately this whole marijuana movement is becoming more and more accepted in public areas, and those of us who don’t want to join in on it don’t have a say in whether or not we smell it.

  2. Riding and smoking is for stupid people. Anyone who rides trails with a concealed hashpipe is looking to end up dead.

    • You just disparaged about half of the mtb community with that one. You must be real fun at parties.

    • I’m not at all into this ‘culture’ but seriously; can you cite a single example of someone who died “riding and smoking”?

      It’s insane how hard it is for people to admit that 5th grade health class, in the 1980s lied about how dangerous this plant is.

      • It used to be said that smoking before a ride would ‘Open your lungs’….I am thinking that possibly the addictive nature, the lung cancer and the nasty odor smokers tend to have would be the same be it tobacco or any other substance that is on fire and inhaled. Oh, Asbestos used to be the ‘go to’ for insulation as well…


      • I will start by saying that I have never smoked nor do I have any desire to. And I grew up in the 1980’s and was part of the skateboard culture. I was the only one who didn’t partake in the devil’s lettuce! After being in law enforcement for almost 30 years I can tell you that I never had any problems with someone under the influence of weed but I fought plenty of people under the influence of alcohol.

  3. When you use aluminum to smoke, small amounts travel into your lungs. I got warned by my doctor to switch to glass immediately or risk early Alzheimer’s. And um better shifting caused by tubeless.

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