With ever-changing standards, we see the term “future-proof” thrown around a fair bit these days. When Xtracycle uses it referring to their new RFA (Ready For Anything) cargo e-bike, however, they’re talking about the number of potential uses you could use the bike for. Commuter? Check. Kid carrier? Check. Tour and camp-mobile? You got it. Add in a Bosch electric assist motor, and you’ve got an incredibly capable long-term investment.

All images courtesy Xtracycle.

Xtracycle RFA e-cargo sport utility bike

Xtracycle has been in the cargo and e-bike game for a while now, with several different options to suit your needs. What’s different about the new RFA is its ability to act as a transformer, using their DynamicDrops rear dropout system to change the wheelbase, handling, and capability of one bike.

The RFA in Utility mode.

The RFA in Sport mode.

There are two main modes: Sport and Utility. Sport mode uses a short wheel base, and handles like a city commuter that can fit on bus racks, car racks, and elevators. Utility mode uses a long wheel base, and is a midtail cargo bike that can carry two kids, four pannier bags, or any of Xtracycle’s X3 bag system components.

Need a visual? The video below should explain it all very quickly.

“By ‘future-proof’ we mean this is a bike that can grow and change to meet the needs almost anyone, through all stages of life, from young adult, through parenthood, into older-age,” said Xtracycle CEO and founder Ross Evans. “We wanted this to be a bike that never became obsolete. We’ve always aspired to that, but with the RFA, we think we’ve pushed the idea further than anybody ever has with regard to bicycles.”

The frame is made from heavy duty chromoly and comes stock with 24 x 2.5″ Maxxis Hookworm tires. They say that the frame can also handle high-volume 26″ tires for people who prefer them. All RFAs come stock with a utility multirack, wheelskirts, lights, a lock pocket, a jumbo center stand, and fenders. Standard drivetrain spec includes a Shimano Deore 10-speed shifter, derailleur, and SunRace 11-42 cassette.

The RFA is available for pre-order now, with only 100 being made in the first batch. Base price is $3,997, with options available for different batteries based on your needs. Bikes are expected for delivery in summer 2019.




  1. RC on

    This is a cool idea but extra cycle really needs a size that lets people over 6′ tall ride their bikes without sitting bolt upright.

    • schmamps on

      Maybe I’m just a six-foot-nothing manlet with a cargo bike, but I just can’t find any reason for an even taller person to sweat about fit. Under any kind of load, a lower and/or more powerful position makes hardly any difference on a bike with assist or that barely manages half the speed of a road bike (at the same effort) without it.

      Make sure the bars clear your knees, then sit up, take it (somewhat) easy, and soak up the sights. There is your marginal gain.

  2. Maus Haus on

    It’s all about smaller cargo bikes w/ 20″ and 24″ wheels and shorter wheelbase. The xtracycle 24″ is great looking bike and bet is rides amazing. Also really like the Tern 20″ wheel GSD w folding bar/stem. The bike can be set upright in a vertical position to save space. Very smart designs…. Short wheelbase cargo eBikes are super cool.

    • Daniel Varin on

      Indeed compact cargo are where it’s at. I like my electric Edgerunner but I prefer my girlfriend’s Tern GSD. Also a friend rides a Benno EBoost and it’s also practical but compact. You can still haul 3 kids on a GSD, plus 2 in a chariot, while hauling it by car camping on a Yakima HoldUp (flip the front wheel for a shorter wheelbase).

  3. BikeHoarder6 on

    How do they account for the extra chain length when you move the rear wheel forward from Utility Mode to Sport Mode? I don’t see any chain idlers pictured.


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