If you want to be the best, join the best. That’s what Ibis did when they partnered with Stan’s NoTubes for their brand new S-Wheels and Rims collaboration. Featuring Stan’s Bead Socket Technology (BST), the new rims have a shorter sidewall, helping to ensure easy tubeless setup, more vertical compliance, fewer air burps, and reduced weight. This has been combined with an asymmetric rim profile in two widths, using Ibis’ proprietary Toughened Hybrid Carbon.

Ibis S-Wheels and Rims collaboration with Stan’s BST

Ibis has been hard at work over the years, expanding their wheel line to include more price points, new materials, and now a significant partnership with tubeless-powerhouse Stan’s NoTubes. While their older wheels were claimed to be among the widest, lightest, and strongest available, they wanted to make them better. To do this, they realized that they needed to reduce the height of their rim beadwalls, to improve vertical compliance, reduce weight, eliminate air burps, and even improve impact resistance.

The new rims are available in two widths – 28mm and 35mm (internal). These both use an asymmetric profile, are available in 27.5″ and 29″ diameters, and carry a seven year warranty. While rim offset doesn’t always exactly match hub flange offset, Ibis claims equal or near-equal left and right spoke tension for long term durability.

The rims use a “magic formula” called Toughened Hybrid Carbon. This translates to a combination of resin and unique carbon layup to hit a sweet spot of ride feel and strength. When combined with the new BST shape, Ibis claims a 9% improvement in impact resistance, at a lighter weight than previous wheels.

There are two hub options available – Industry Nine Hydra, or the Ibis Logo hub. The former is a well-known premium option with super-quick engagement, while the latter is their own 36t, 4-pawl hub with 10-degree engagement.

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If you want the quick, informative, and hilarious sell from Ibis, check out the video:

The new S35 wheels are available now on complete bikes. S28 rims and wheels will begin shipping later this summer. Both S28 and S35 wheels and rims will be available in the aftermarket late in 2019. I9 builds retail for $1,799, with Ibis Logo hub builds going for $1,299.



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