The new Stromer ST3 e-bike promises to bring you to new speed and distances using their silent SYNO Drive II rear hub. Its 650W and 44 Nm of torque are enough to boost you to 28mph, driving 27.5-inch wheels and custom Pirelli rubber. The BQ814 battery also feeds a proprietary integrated LED head light and tail light.

Stromer ST3 hybrid commuter e-bike

Stromer is known for high-end e-bikes that aim for clean integration and high speed. The new ST3 is a commuter-style bike, with short chainstays, a short wheel base, and low bottom bracket that’s adapted for 27.5″ wheels and steady handling. It also features Cycle-e ST tires, made by Pirelli specifically for Stromer.

The frame is made in non-step-through and dropped-top-tube step-through styles called Sport and Comfort. It was emphasized to us that these are not men’s or women’s specific, but rather gender neutral. Both are made in Black and White options.

Three sizes are available for the Sport model, while only one is made for the Comfort model.

The ST3 integrates with Stromer’s OMNI smartphone app, turning your phone into an onboard computer. It has functions such as an alarm, electronic bike lock controls, and even an GPS location unit to prevent theft. This adds to the existing integrated touch display in the top tube, which shows information like current speed.

The Stromer ST3 is available now for a starting price of $7,499. The BQ983 battery upgrade adds $500, while a suspension fork adds $1,199.


  1. I rode a Stromer and thought that ebikes were not worth the hype. I then rode a Brose based system and ended up buying one. Stromer seems way behind.

    • That is usually the case! Hub drives are long out except for Ancheer, Oyama, Motiv and other low end kit style bikes which are all the crappiest crap and the worst for warranty!

      Stromer wants to slog around with them but jack up the price like it was a nice bike from say Reise and Muller but for 7k I can get an R&M or I could get the top end Vado 6.0 and have some money left over and could buy another battery or some nice locks! I also wouldn’t have to replace loads of spokes and have heavy wheels! I could have the same drivetrain and XT brakes as well and suspension fork (or take it off replace it with one of those carbon adventure forks and have extra money still.

      If these bikes were 1-2k I could see a market with the better low end bikes but 7k for outdated hub drive with the looks of a Vado or some of the Bulls e Bikes is outrageous!

      The Brose motor has a very natural zippy feel and uses power more efficiently. Even Bosch would be a better choice than a hub drive! The only reason to do a hub drive is if you are trying to bodge together an e-bike using an existing bike not designed for it!

  2. I consider myself a nice person so I decided to help Stromer our with some catchphrases they can use free of charge because I think their product is tops:

    Stromer…innovating well into the past.

    Stromer…Swiss for out of date.

    Stromer…the looks of a Specialized Vado with the functionality of the old and discontinued Specialized Turbo

    Stromer…What’s a Bosch?

    Stromer…Swiss Stagnation

    Stromer…heavy wheels, less efficiency but a cool new app.

  3. well , I have to say the hub is far better on the road I agree crank motor if off road ,
    stromer are good and R&M are also top stuff . the stromer hub is so strong and reliable
    buy hey you pay your money and take your chances LOL

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