Today, Silca announced the release of the Maratona Minimo, a downsized version of their popular Maratona gear bag. It has a smaller size that fits under the seat in most airplanes, and carries all of your race-day essentials in an organized and compartmentalized fashion. With easy access and open design, you’ll have everything right where you need it for your next event.

Silca Maratona Minimo ride day gear bag

Silca has been in the bag business for a little while now, with their Maratona gear bag handling the heavy lifting. The new Maratona Minimo uses a very similar concept, in a smaller overall size. The Minimo makes the most of its smaller size by way of an internal divider system, much like you see with camera bags.

We got our hands on a pre-production version of the bag, which looks to be high quality, with an overall rectangular shape. Dimensions of our sample measured 18″ x 12″ x 10″.

Side and rear pockets can handle smaller items such as electronics, sunglasses, keys, or other small items.

The inside of the bag has adjustable dividers, two water bottle straps, and mesh pockets to keep things organized.

A shoulder strap is included, along with two separate gear bags – a vented garment bag and a roll-top shoe bag.

The Maratona Minimo folds completely open on one side, just like its bigger brother.

The Maratona Minimo is available now in the US for $175, with UK and EU availability coming soon. Check out this and other Silca products at the link below.


  1. This is just a rebranded golf trunk organizer. My wife bought me a bag that is basically the same as this but had superior shoe storage. It was 28 dollars.

    • I don’t get why Silca is even worth covering here. Every single product is just off the shelf with Silca branding and price tag.

      • I’ll bet you have absolutely not evidence to support that claim. That’s the beauty of the internet and comment sections: you can just make crap up and post it as if it’s meaningful and factual.

        • I dont know what you’re talking about. The bag is sitting on the back seat of my car right now. They (silca) make a good multitool and have amazing customer service but this is just an insanely overpriced slightly nicer version of what is out there.

          • I wasn’t responding to your comment but rather the comment above claiming “Every single product is just off the shelf with Silca branding and price tag.”

            I have no doubt that the Maratona Minimo might be similar to other gear or kit bags, be it from cycling or other sports. I imagine it’s pretty difficult to make a product in that category that’s truly different than others. I likewise have no illusions that Silca prices are economical.

  2. I just can’t understand how Cervelo can be so successful when you can buy a ’10-speed’ at Target for $499. It’s clearly a rebranded copy of the same EXACT thing that is just WAY overpriced due to the Cervelo branding. Those guys are just out to snow all of us while the PRINT money! 😉

    • Maybe you should spend more time on making seat bags that don’t continually have issues with falling off and breaking everytime you hit a bump and taking less deceptive photos of products vs creating ludicrous and inaccurate analogies.

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