Proteam Bicycle Care wants to keep your bike looking shiny and new with their ceramic frame coating. It works on both gloss and matte finishes, and is claimed to repel dirt, mud, water, sand, and more – while making washes and maintenance faster and easier.

Proteam Bicycle Care ceramic bike frame coating

There is more than one way to clean and protect your bike, from bicycle-specific cleaners to lemon-scented furniture polish (trust me, it works). Proteam Bicycle Care looks to be taking a page out of the automotive world, applying ceramic coating technology to bikes.

The short version is this: Carnauba wax has been around for ages, and is the traditional way to wax your car… and yes, it can be used on just about any bike frame, too. It gives a deep gloss and is generally preferred by purists, though it doesn’t tend to last more than 2-3 months. Synthetic “waxes” or sealants came along as a modern, polymer-based solution, typically lasting about twice as long as carnauba wax, but not always giving quite as deep of a shine. Finally, ceramic coatings are the latest innovation, which are an even longer-lasting, semi-permanent way to protect your paint. Detailing geeks may appreciate this YouTube explanation:

Proteam Bicycle Care took this idea and created a kit to protect your bike frame, and says that they now have about 100 bike shops that can apply it for you.

Interestingly, they say that the coating can be applied to both gloss and matte finishes, whereas we’re only aware that automotive ceramic coatings work on gloss. They don’t give much detail on whether masking is encouraged or required for mechanical parts such as derailleurs or electronic shifting components.

For matte finishes, Proteam claims that it makes a deeper black, rather than the typical dark grey appearance.

The end result is extremely hydrophobic, so water, mud, and other contaminants will slide off quickly. To see it in action, check out the ending of the video below:

Proteam Bicycle Care has not released any pricing details yet, but says that the products are available now. For more information or to find an approved retail shop near you, contact Proteam at the link below.


  1. O. Tan on

    Chances are, to coat it will require removing all components and stickers, the surface needs to be super clean before the ceramic coating is applied. Though I’m curious why would people buy a bike specific ceramic coating over the ones already on the market.

    • Ron Lute on

      Hi, depending on ways of application, you can use an airbrush or cotton applicators, using an airbrush will give you easier access to those hidden corners, so that will require almost no removing of components, using the cotton applicators will take some more time and attention to the smaller parts. We, as professional applicators, will use the airbrush, and only take out the wheels, which, on sportbikes, is very easy ofcourse.

  2. Dan Lind on

    Or just use a carnuba -based spray wax and a microfiber towel after every road ride like I do. Takes 2 minutes, leaves a gloss finish, repels water, dust, drink mix, and salty sweat, and costs only $50 per gallon (which should last 2-3 seasons.) I also use this spray wax for helmets and shoes. My preference: Griot’s Garage ‘Best of Show’ Spray Wax

  3. Chad Gregory on

    I’ve been using Maxima SC1 for years. It works wonders on bikes and it lasts for a while. I spray it on everything but brakes and wipe it down a couple times a season. They don’t call it “new bike in a can for nothing” it works awesome and makes cleaning your bikes as simple as a quick rinse.

  4. bluegixxer007 on

    Looked on their website to buy this (living in Chicago, USA), and the cost of the basic kit is 40 Euro… The shipping cost is also 40 Euro. I struggle with the idea of paying 2x for something just because of the shipping cost. Out of principal I’ll find something else, even if this stuff is really good. Wish they had a cheaper redistribution system in the U.S. Perhaps they get on Amazon or something to find cheaper ways to ship their products in the U.S.


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