Litespeed’s parent has rebranded their affordable carbon gravel, all-road & mountain bikes as Ocoee after their debut earlier this spring – yet the bikes themselves haven’t changed. But that didn’t slow down brand sales manager Chris Brown when he rolled the new Ocoee Boundary to the half pint Dirty Kanza 100 miler a couple weekends ago. With some clip-on aero bars, a suspension seatpost and a couple of small bags on it, Chris rode to first place in his 40+ category (3rd overall) on his first attempt at the half length of the iconic Kansas gravel race.

Brown’s Ocoee Boundary DK100 gravel bike setup

Ocoee Boundary DK100 gravel bike setup
photos courtesy of Ocoee Bikes

Brown says his Ocoee Boundary bike started out stock for the Dirty Kanza 100, but unsure of what entirely he was getting into, he did make some small updates from what comes standard. The two big changes – a Cane Creek eeSilk parallelogram suspension seatpost with 20mm of elastomer tuned travel to smooth out the rough gravel roads, and a set of clip-on Profile Designs armrests & long carbon ski-bend aerobar extensions to get down out of the wind on those lonely Kansas gravel roads. Add on top of that a small saddlebag for spares & a toptube bag for snacks.

Ocoee Boundary DK100 gravel bike setup

Otherwise the bike was stock with 43mm Panaracer Gravel King tires on Stan’s Grail wheels, an Ultegra mechanical double groupset. Retail price $3100, plus about $100 built, packed & shipped to your door.

Ocoee consumer-direct carbon bikes for road & trail

Ocoee carbon bikes consumer-direct affordable carbon all-road gravel adventure and trail mountain bikes
Ocoee Boundary

It was only a couple months ago that the Litespeed parent American Bicycle Group debuted their affordable consumer-direct carbon bikes under the Remōt name. Well, following Sea Otter it seemed that name was too close to an existing line of Remote e-bikes. So in the interest of not starting any arguments , and just avoiding confusion, ABG renamed their new carbon bike brand Ocoee – a name that longtime Litespeed followers will find familiar.

Ocoee carbon bikes consumer-direct affordable carbon all-road gravel adventure and trail mountain bikes
Ocoee Baseline

Other than that hiccup in rebranding, the same Boundary gravel bike and Baseline all-road bikes (that shares the same frame mold) carry on exactly the same as with Remōt, now as the Ocoee Boundary & Ocoee Baseline.

Ocoee carbon bikes consumer-direct affordable carbon all-road gravel adventure and trail mountain bikes
Ocoee Seclud

Looks like the Cinder ran into a similar naming problem with that same other bike company. Oops. So the Remōt Cinder is renamed the Ocoee Seclud and all is right with the world.

All the bikes seem to be available to order now from Ocoee Bikes, so hop on over to their site to get one delivered to your doorstep.


  1. Gravel kings on stans rims is a recipe for disaster. They blow off at anything over 50 psi. Yeah and maybe that’s too high but you want your tyres nice and secure going around corners they should take 100 psi without flinching

    • Why on God’s Green Earth would you be riding gravel kings as 50psi?! Not to mention the Grail rims have a sticker on them that lists max pressure for given widths. You’re exceeding that pressure by at least 8-10 PSI assuming 40c tires.
      I’ve got 2 sets of wheels with grail rims and used both gravel king and gravel king sk and have never found a need to have more than maybe 35-37 psi in the tire, and that is on pavement. Off pavement I tend to go more like 28-30 psi.

      • Some people simply don’t get it. I’ve seen this same ridiculous argument on other forums. No matter how much explanatory information is available, some fools are still going to over-inflate their fat tires, blow them off the rims, then try to blame the manufacturers for it, even though the pressure limits are clearly stated.

        Ignorance can be cured, but stupidity is forever…

        • I’d say rims should be designed with a 2x safety factor for pressure for the rim being able to retain the tire. How come Stan’s rim keep coming up as having problems with blow offs?

  2. The use of BB86 screams open-mold frame and makes this frame very unattractive for people who want to run 30 mm spindle cranks.

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