If you’re gonna go big, then go big. Assuming you can find the right tires, that is… Until now, options for bigger 29+ mountain bike tires have been few, especially above the 2.6″ width, and double especially with a really aggressive, enduro- and gravity-approved casing. But the new WTB Vigilante 29×2.8 solves all those problems.

new WTB Vigilante 29x28 29-plus mountain bike tires

Other than the size, there’s nothing new about WTB’s tech. The Vigilante 2.8 29″ tire will have a TCS casing and in three different levels:

  • Tough/High Grip ($83.95, available early July)
  • Tough/Fast Rolling ($83.95, available now)
  • Light/High Grip with Slash Guard sidewall protection ($72.95, available now)

Besides massive amounts of grip, the reinforced sidewalls help support the oversized volume, which becomes more important as you’re pushing something so big really hard, but with lower tire pressures.



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