To me toolmaker Lezyne stands out best in the tiny details. And their new Ratchet Kit miniature ratchet wrench set looks like a perfect example. Working with the standard 1/4″ tool bits every mechanic uses, Lezyne has put together a reasonably priced wrench kit to get to most hard-to-reach bolts on your bike…

Lezyne Ratchet Kit miniature ratchet wrench set

Lezyne Ratchet Kit multi-tool wrench, mini ratchet wrench set with bits

The Ratchet Kit is pretty simple – combining a mini ratchet wrench with a dozen interchangeable 1/4″ bits to meet any bolt tightening & loosening needs out on road or trail. The heart of the kit is a small ~10cm long wrench with a reversible, fine-toothed ratchet on one end and a simple closed end wrench on the other. The only potential reservation you could have here is how durable the tiny ratcheting internals will be over the long-term? But since there is a fixed, closed end wrench on the other end, it’s pretty much a permanent insurance policy for the more convenient ratchet end.

Lezyne Ratchet Kit multi-tool wrench, mini ratchet wrench set with bits

The low-profile head, and short arm will fit into most tight spaces on your bike with a 1/4″ bit attached directly. Or with the ~4cm long knurled extension, it can reach further into areas that are even tighter. Use that knurled black alloy extension on its own to hand-thread bolts quickly in confined spaces (think: water bottle cage bolts), then pop the wrench back on to tighten it down.

Lezyne Ratchet Kit multi-tool wrench, mini ratchet wrench set with bits

The Ratchet Kit sells for $40 with a zippered carrying case that’s sized to slide securely into a jersey pocket. The kit includes twelve hardened chrome vanadium bits including: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8mm hexes; T10 & T25 torxes; and #2 Phillips & #4 Slotted flathead bits. If you damage (or lose) a bit they are easily replaced. Also if your bike needs a special bit (say a long reach 4mm to tighten a hidden seatpost clamp) you can easily mix & match your own specialized kit.

A foam liner holds all the individual bits in place, and there’s a mesh pocket to add some more small repair items like a tire lever or patch kit. If you aren’t afraid of loose bits, the mini ratchet & all of its attachments can probably even fit in any saddle or repair bag you already use, as everything is super compact without the foam bit holder in the case.


  1. So this is a portable multi tool and not for shop use, right? I would ditch the bulky case with the foam, and just provide a sleeve and a little rubberized retainer or elastic sleeve for the bits.

  2. Also looks similar, but not quite as convenient as the Topeak and Syncros models. They have the fixed end in the perpendicular direction to help reach harder bolts. Topeak also offer a torque adapter which is super handy on the trail.

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