Smokestone is a small UK builder owned by Graham Foot, and focuses exclusively on fat bikes. Already having aluminum and titanium options, they wanted to offer a new low-maintenance option by adding a Pinion gearbox. Simply called the Ti Pin, the new bike can be had in stock sizes or custom geometry, along with a slew of gearbox and build options.

Smokestone Ti Pin fat bike with Pinion internal gearbox

Pinion gearboxes seem to be getting more and more popular by the day, on everything from gravel bikes to mountain bikes to everything in between. With well-sealed internals, they offer a low-maintenance alternative to external drivetrains, similar to internal gear hubs. The Smokestone Ti Pin brings the Pinion system to their lineup, adding to existing options with standard drivetrains.

Smokestone will offer your choice of Pinion gearbox, from the 9 and 12-speed C-Line to the 9, 12, and 18-speed P-Line. Prices for the frame and gearbox combination are as follows:

P1.18 – £3600
P1.12 – £3500
P1.9xr – £3400
C1.12 – £3000

Other parts options on the Ti Pin include Whisky carbon rims, Hope Fatsno hubs, Hope E3 brakes, and a 120mm travel Manitou Mastadon Pro fork. The frame has clearance for up to 26×5.0″ tires with the 197mm rear axle option (177mm also available upon request).

The Ti Pin is available in four stock sizes, or full custom geometry. The frame and gearbox are built to order, with a lead time of four to six weeks from the time of order (and can be shipped worldwide). Check out more on the Ti Pin and other Smokestone bikes at the link below.


  1. Brad Sedola on

    I’m going to guess it’s got a 177mm rear axle. I imagine there is some clearance issues with the Pinion offset and the rear wheel once you get that 197mm fat in the back.
    This looks good. I fell in love with Reeb’s TyREEBdonkadonk.

  2. Eric in the 505 on

    But everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) will think that you’re riding a cheater bike (aka, E-bike)

    Such a neat advance (=excellent gearbox) and a viable alternative to a derailleur, but how can you justify the extra dollars just to look like a run of the mill electric motorcycle…

    Pinon: awesome idea and execution of same + worst timing, ever…

  3. DocThedan on

    I would love to know more about the rear cog that looks suspiciously like a f ring! What clever gadget allows that to occur?


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