For a small Minnesota based company that started out with a handful of products, Wolf Tooth Components has quickly become a source for a wide range of parts – and bikes (Otso). Either making their own or working with others, the team at WTC simply supports what they like which often ends in a collaboration for a new product. Take their Fat Paw Grips for example: WTC worked directly with RedMonkey Sports because they liked the way that their grips felt, and WTC developed their own thicknesses to sell as their own. That has all led up to today where WTC has told us that they have acquired the entire range of RedMonkey grip products.

Wolf Tooth Components acquires RedMonkey grip product line, adds new grips

Rather than acquiring the entire company, WTC is just taking over the grip product line and they will continue to be produced in California with a proprietary extrusion process. The silicone grips feature a dual density foam construction that makes them feel different than other silicone grips on the market with a supportive base layer and a soft, tacky feel. In addition to the Fat Paw grips and the Karv (which were previously sold under the RedMonkey logo), WTC is adding new Cam models with feature a wedge shape on one side of the grip.

Note that this is not the end of RedMonkey – instead, they are focusing on new products including their Monkey Goo tubeless tire sealant which is apparently a latex based sealant with small silicone particles to plug cuts in the tire.

Wolf Tooth Components acquires RedMonkey grip product line, adds new grips

The new grips are available now wherever Wolf tooth Components are sold, and we’re told that new grips are already in development.


  1. Tom on

    I do love the Fat Paws. Interested in the Monkey Goo also — always looking for a better mousetrap in the sealant world.

  2. David on

    These grips rock, so I’m happy that a rad company like WTC is selling them. As for RedMonkey’s MonkeyGoo, it works great–never balls-up into Stanimals and never separates or gets stinky in your tires like other sealants do. And it stops leak fast, but that’s a given.

    • Uncle Rico on

      ERGO-nomics, YEAH!

      More or less where your fingers pinch together at the finger grip portion and more round on the weight bearing 2 cents

    • Brendan Moore on

      Hey John,
      The main advantage of the CAM grips that they provide the increased cushion (thickness) and feel of the Karv or Fat Paw for trail input/vibration, but provide a smaller grip diameter for better grip with smaller hands or those that like a small diameter at the point where they pull on the bar.


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