Is your fear of broken carbon holding you back from a sweet upgrade? ENVE is hoping to allay those fears with an impressive new Incident Protection program. To show their confidence in their own products, and help out customers with any potential issues, ENVE is adding a lifetime protection policy for the original owner of their components.

What does the Lifetime Incident Protection policy cover? If you happen to damage your ENVE product while riding or an accident (riding, crashing, driving your bike into your garage, driving over your bike, melting your wheel with an exhaust pipe, etc.) then you’re covered.

In the case that your ENVE rim, fork, handlebar, stem, or seatpost is damaged, the ENVE product will be replaced at no cost to the original owner with parts, labor, and return shipping all covered by ENVE. Note that consumable parts like brake pads, bar end plugs, bar tape, decals, bearings, tubeless tape, etc. are not covered.

To qualify, you must be the original owner of the parts – so you’d better bring receipts. Product registration is recommended which will help speed up the process. The program is available retroactively to everyone who already own an ENVE product as well – not just new purchases. ENVE still offers a 5 year limited warranty on their products as well, though that covers defects in materials and workmanship, not accidents or crashes like the new Incident Protection.


  1. This makes little sense to me….. 5 years warranty but lifetime dummy protection? We trust you more than we trust ourselves?

  2. As a big Enve fan (I have been blessed enough to build up several sets over the years), I’m excited to see them do this. The wheels are indeed premium but I’ve always felt they performed at the level they are positioned. Quite honestly, I don’t think this is a big risk for them and builds great customer loyalty. I say it’s not a big risk because a few years ago, a car changed lanes and stopped hard in front of me. I subsequently met the back end of said car quite hard. I broke the frame of my Trek Madone in half, but the Edge wheels (yes I’m that old a fan of Enve) came out without any damage at all after hitting the car first and hardest. In fact, I still ride those Edge wheels on my spare bike. Didn’t even have to re-true any spokes. Hat’s off to Enve for a great gesture to all their customers (even for old purchases!).

  3. Not really at no cost. my dealer still charges me 50% off MSRP even when i show them enve life time protection.

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