Component maker PRO dropped dropper posts into their lineup last summer as part of their Koryak mountain bike family, even including an externally routed 27.2mm post. Now they go full gravel to match new GRX groupsets in their Discover family with an internally routed small diameter post, and a dropper bar remote to actuate it…

PRO Discover 27.2mm gravel dropbar dropper seatpost

PRO Discover 27.2mm gravel dropbar dropper seatpost

PRO’s Disco, I mean Discover line of gravel bike gear & components dropped last summer at Eurobike with bikepacking bags and flared bars. Partially referenced in the gravel line was a new mountain bike Koryak dropper seatpost that offered a 27.2mm diameter option, but only with external routing and no road bar remote option.

Now it is clear that a proper gravel dropper solution is on the way with this new Discover branded dropper.

PRO Discover 27.2mm gravel dropbar dropper seatpostOfficial details remain slim as we will have to wait until the end of summer at Eurobike for the official release, but we still know the key details.

The new internally routed Pro Discover 27.2mm seatpost looks to be a scaled down version of the longer travel Koryak droppers (as opposed to the current 27.2 one). Travel remains just 70mm with infinite adjust, just enough to get behind the saddle on steep roads.

PRO Discover 27.2mm gravel dropbar dropper seatpostIt shares the same 3D forged one-piece upper & head construction with a 0mm offset head as the Koryaks. The post also shares the lower stack height seal & collar design of the longer 150/170mm Koryak droppers, which will be welcome on gravel & road bikes with less seatpost extension.

The one-bolt (per side) to fix saddle position & tilt only fits round rails in the sample we’ve played with so far. But with a more road & gravel focus, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Pro offer an oval rail compatible head as well. Perhaps the seat guts from their road Vibe, PLT, or LT seatposts could be interchangeable anyway?

PRO Discover 27.2mm gravel dropbar dropper seatpost

The trick to creating (and selling) a gravel bike dropper is a comfortable, easy-to-use remote. Pro opt for a two-way remote that uses a band clamp to fit in just below your brake hood in the middle of a dropbar’s bend. While it looks like it could be in a relatively awkward position, with your hand either on the hoods or in the drops, the remote seems to not get in the way and is easy to reach. And it does not interfere with shifter movement, unless you are trying to shift with the brake pulled to the bar.

It does make a clean bar wrap job just a bit more difficult as you can see (above left).

PRO Discover 27.2mm gravel dropbar dropper seatpost

In the drops just push down with your thumb to release. From the hoods, pull up with the middle finger to release. If you have a new mechanical GRX 1×11 groupset, Shimano says you can also use its specific left dual-control RX810-LA lever designed to actuate the dropper as well.

Creating a 27.2mm dropper isn’t really revolutionary, and we have seen this same style of dropbar remote before. But the broad reach of the PRO component brand through just about every bike shop and retail channel that sells Shimano components will make this dropper much more accessible.

Pricing and expected weights have not yet been released, but we do know to expect full details at Eurobike, and retail availability in October 2019.



  1. Hopefully the remote is going to be available separately.
    You say that you’ve seen this style remote elsewhere?? Please tell me where I can get one.

  2. I don’t know…that trigger mechanism looks like it would always be getting in the way of my fingers when grasping the hood, especially when out of the saddle and in the winter when I’m wearing full fingered gloves. Not that I’d be riding with a dropper post on my road bike, anyway.

  3. Ive been doing a lot of gravel rides and racing this last few years and can honestly say I have never needed my seat down once. I understand the crossover to a hardtail mtb is bluring, but just gotta think you have chosen the wrong bike for the event or course, if a dropper post is required.

    • exactly. What kind of courses are you doing that you need to drop the saddle? On my hairy ass mtb rides I’ll drop the saddle maybe 3 times for a huge drop-ins etc. No way I’d ever use a gravel bike for that stuff, that’s inviting a trip to the hospital.

  4. This is certainly not a necessity for every road/gravel rider, but as an avid mountain biker that bought a gravel bike for adventure rides, and enjoys really romping on it like a special ed student (Jumps, drops, stairs, skids, etc.) this really excites me, and will likely end up on my gravel rig. I feel like it’ll open up the opportunities to pedal out to the trails, ride harder blues and blacks, and ride home. The dropper itself is nothing new, but the drop bar lever lets me keep my 2X rather than convert the shift lever to a dropper remote. Bah to the nay-sayers, haha.

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