eeWings are about to get a little bit, OK, a lot wider. In spite of their hefty price tag, Cane Creek’s eeWings titanium cranksets have become a popular upgrade for a number of bikes. However, for those preferring much fatter wheels and tires, the cranksets have been out of reach. But thanks to a new partnership with LaMere Cycles, fat bikers will now have a titanium option when it comes to wide Q-factor cranks.

Sweetwings crankset revived by Cane Creek with new eeWings titanium cranksWith the exception of the spindle length and Q-factor, the cranks have a similar build with butted 3/2.5 titanium arms and a 6/4 titanium spindle. The cranks join together at the center of the spindle with a hirth joint, and there are a few different bottom bracket fitments that accommodate the 30mm diameter spindle. In terms of Q-factor, the cranks are on the narrower side for true fat bike cranks at 216mm. That’s narrower than the widest cranks which push up to 230mm Q-factors, but still a good bit wider than the 183mm Q-factor found on bikes like the Otso Voytek.

According to Cane Creek, the cranksets will be available exclusively through LaMere Cycles as an option on their complete builds, or as an aftermarket item sold directly to consumers for $1,049 without a bottom bracket. The cranks are available for pre-order now, with delivery expected by November.


  • WEIGHT: Less than 425 grams 
  • MATERIALS: Butted 3/2.5 titanium arms with CNC 6/4 titanium spindle and hirth joint, stainless steel crank bolt
  • AVAILABLE ARM LENGTHS: 170mm | 175mm
  • SPINDLE LENGTH: 131mm (Adjusted down to 127mm with preload)
  • PRELOAD ADJUSTMENT: Cane Creek CNC Machined 7075 T-6 Aluminum
  • BB COMPATIBILITY: 30mm spindle only. BSA100mm, PF121, BB30 (120mm), PF30 (100mm)
  • Q-FACTOR: 216mm
  • CHAIN LINE: 66-76.50mm chain-line range with various offset chainrings
  • CHAINRING INTERFACE: Compatible with SRAM 3-Bolt Direct Mount Chainring Interface
  • FINISH: Brushed Titanium | Laser Etched Graphics
  • WARRANTY: 10 Years


  1. Huck on

    Surprising CC would partner with a Lamere who’s whole business model is slapping stickers on open mold frames and trash talking manufactures who actuality do R&D.

    • roadstain on

      Just yesterday I almost ordered a set of SweetWings (eeWings) and hesitated looking at the Rotor Kapic….um, yeah. Kind of is the company you keep thing (plus, calling CC with a question was not answered – and the Rotor will do standard and Boost).

  2. Kenny on

    JP Lamere has zero R&D or engineering and is a reseller of open molded frames. He’s also the sort of guy who poaches wet trails. This has made me loose face in Cane Creek. They could have worked with numerous other boutique brands but they didn’t.

  3. Greg on

    With the Hirth joint, Cane Creek could have simply made a separate middle bb section and longer bolt, as Lightning does.

  4. Bob on

    What a poor choice of partners. LaMere has a horrible name in the twin cities. They have a bad habit of poaching closed trails and blasting around on their e-bikes on trails that don’t allow them. Very arrogant bunch of a-holes

    • Shafty on

      Aren’t these the guys that talk about how bad bike shops are? Not to mention coming into our shop and asking us to sell them parts at cost. They sell garbage. Cane Creek should reevaluate their choice.


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