In this roundup, we cover several small gadgets that would work well for bikepackers, mountain bikers, and road riders alike. Snēk just released their Lifeboat tire lever, Raceware has a handful of new computer mounts, Silca released a new storage accessory, and Speedsleev has a new bar bag…

Snēk Lifeboat, perfect for tubeless installs

Snek Lifeboat tire lever

Snek Lifeboat tire lever
photo c. Snēk

It’s been a year since Snēk Cycling announced their Lifeboat tire lever, and now it’s finally here! The Lifeboat is built with a metal core that stretches from the tip of the scoop down to the bottle opener for added strength. The plastic outer shell protects the rim and its rounded edge makes mounting and removing tight tires easier. The $25 lever set has 2 valve core removers so you’ll never have to search for one again and a stackable design for compact storage.

New Raceware mounts for Wahoo and Garmin

Raceware Wahoo computer mount
Wahoo Knot mount (Left) Wahoo Vision 5D mount (Right)

The latest mounts from Raceware include their Wahoo, Fenix adapter, and Cannondale SystemSix Knot bar mounts. Starting off with the Wahoo mounts, the left image is their £35 SystemSix Knot bar Wahoo mount. It’s a 3D printed nylon mount, and seamlessly mounts to the bottom of the Si integrated Knot bar. The £35 Wahoo mount for Vision 5D bars (right) also has a 3D printed nylon construction, and it mounts below that bar with 2 bolts.

Raceware Garmin Fenix Adapter Mount
photo c. Raceware – Garmin Fenix mount (left) Garmin knot mount (right)

Raceware is also printing some new nylon Garmin mounts. On the left is their £15-30 Fenix 5 bike mount that clips into the 5S or 5X models without removing the pin. The mount also works with the Garmin Edge models, clamping onto a standard 31.6mm bar. On the right is another £35 Knot bar direct mount for Garmin. It’s compatible with the Edge 130, 200, 500, 510, 520, 530, 820 & 830 computer heads.

Silca secures additional storage space

Silca Sicuro Carbon Capsule

Extra storage can go a long way for extra nutrition or spare parts. Silca has a new solution to keep your bike sleek with their new Sicuro capsule. The capsule is designed to mount to the bottom of their Sicuro Carbon cage.

Silca Sicuro Carbon Capsule
photo c. Silca

The $30 capsule is made of thermoformed EVA foam, a removable magnetic lid, stainless steel mounting hardware, and gets an internal security net.

Speedsleev packs out new bar bags

Speedsleev Diego bar bag small
(Diego Small)
Speedsleev Diego bar bag small
photo c. Speedsleev – (Diego Large)

Attention bikepackers, Speedsleev just released the Diego bar bag to lead the way. The Diego is available in large or small versions. The large has a volume of 157in³ (2.6L) while the small holds 76in³ (1.25L). Both secure to the bar with adjustable velcro straps and offer a waterproof nylon shell to keep your goodies dry. The $55 large has gear loops in the front and measures 8″L x 5″W x 5″H, only available in black. The $40 small measures in at 8″L x 3.5″W x 3.5″H and comes in black, carbon, matte black, green, white, orange & red.


  1. If that tire lever was truly designed for getting tubeless tires mounted, it would have a lot wider and shorter lip so as not to damage the tubeless tape when reinstalling the tire, ala the Mavic and Campagnolo levers.

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