Veloflex is known for their supple tubular tires, and just announced two 25mm width options that weigh almost the same as 23mm tires. Called the Servizio Corse and Service Course, the new tires use a two-layer 350tpi casing for extreme flexibility and low rolling resistance, along with exemplary grip and comfort.

Veloflex Servizio Corse & Service Course 25mm tubular road tires

Veloflex might not be the biggest brand in the US, but they have an established history in Europe – often showing up on pros’ bikes or under other brand names. While traditional tubular tires were often in the range of 18 – 23mm, things have slowly evolved, with more and more professionals using 25 and even 28mm sizes.

The new Servizio Corse and Service Course come in a 25mm size, both hitting a weight of 265 grams using the same 350tpi two-layer casing. What’s the difference? The Servizio Corse has natural tan sidewalls, while the Service Course is all black.

The new tires feature a 42mm Presta valve with removable core, and a maximum pressure of 130psi (9 bar).

Veloflex is clear that these tires aren’t for everyone, and are intended as fast-rolling, high-grip racing tires. They have the same puncture layer as other models, but with a lighter casing. Both the Service Course and Servizio Corse are available now for a price of €82.00.


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