Thanks to the ability to mix and match SRAM AXS components, the widest range drivetrain options are no longer just for mountain bikes. Combine a SRAM eTap AXS shifter with an Eagle AXS rear derailleur, and all of a sudden you have a massively wide gear range to take on just about any terrain. To celebrate, 3T has put together a limited edition of their Exploro aero gravel bike with a very special build.

3T Exploro Team Force Eagle eTap Torno gets all the gearing & all the names

While the frame remains unchanged from the standard Exploro TEAM with Fango TEAM fork, you will find a limited edition paint job with Caribbean Blue and Burnt Orange giving the bike a unique look. To build the drivetrain, the bike sees a SRAM Force eTap AXS 1x shifter set with an Eagle XX1 AXS rear derailleur. You could run this setup with either a 10-50 or 11-50 cassette, which 3T has opted for the NX 11-50 which they say was in favor of slightly better gearing steps.

3T Exploro Team Force Eagle eTap Torno gets all the gearing & all the names

To offset a bit of the weight from that cassette, the build includes the 3T Torno carbon crank with a 44t chainring. The handmade Italian made crank is optimized for 1x aerodynamics and is priced at $1,260 for the crank alone.

3T Exploro Team Force Eagle eTap Torno gets all the gearing & all the names

Riders will also have the option of upgrading to the DiscusPlus i28 LTD carbon wheels if the Fulcrum Racing 700 DBs don’t do it for you. The build is based around 650b wheels with WTB Venture 650b x 2.0″ tubeless tires.

3T Exploro Team Force Eagle eTap Torno gets all the gearing & all the names

All in (with the Fulcrum wheels), you’re looking at $6,499 for the Limited Edition build. The Exploro Team Force Eagle eTap Torno is available now in Large and Extra Large sizes, with Small and Medium to follow.


  1. This is expensive, but a pretty good deal if it’s $6,499. I specced this out at wrench science where you can essentially build it up from an Exploro LTD frame and the total build with relatively similar wheels came in at $10,724. So if this is the case, it’s an amazing deal. Also – and taken with a grain of salt – wrench science says it’ll be about 16.96 pounds with XTR pedals.

    Side note, I’ve got a Medium Ibis Hakka specced well but not over the top (Old Force 1X crank, Ultegra rear der, carbon wheels, alu cockpit, RS685 hydro, XTR cassette, gravle kings 650B) that comes in at 17.7 pounds that I built for about $3,850. The 3T is a lot more, but within the bounds of consideration at that price and spec, comparatively if it had existed last year when I did the Hakka. That being said if I went di2 Ultegra, I could drop about a 1/2 pound. So, pound for pound, dollar for dollar, maybe the 3T isn’t such a great deal. Although it is very cool.

  2. Team Force Eagle sounds like some elite guns for hire or commando squad or something!

    I like the idea of the AXS cross compatibility could make for some interesting bikes. I just wish SRAM would go to mineral oil and eTap would be a better option

    • The whole frame is internal routing, including the fork for the front brake. Clear as day in the very first pic.

  3. Wait, 27.5×2.0 version of the WTB Venture?! Is this an OEM-only size? I thought the only width available for the Venture on 650v is 47mm. a 2″ version would be awesome!!!

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