Sometimes you might wish a suspension seatpost could take the edge of a bumpy ride, and other times a classic dropper post is what’s needed to get your weight back on tricky descents. Now, PNW components has a one stop solution in the Coast – the world’s first suspension dropper seatpost!

PNW Coast combined suspension & dropper seatpost!

With more bikes getting dropper posts than just enduro & gravity-inspired trail bikes, there start to be more possibilities that just getting the longest travel possible. PNW Components out of Seattle like to put droppers on gravel bikes, adventure bikepacking & trekking bikes, even urban commuters. For a relatively minor weight penalty you get more control on steep downhills (plus extra safety & fun) or even just making getting on & off the bike easier.

PNW Coast combined suspension & dropper seatpost
c. PNW

Apparently, PNW got a lot of requests from gravel & hardtail riders to see if they could add a bit of cush into a dropper to smooth out bumpy roads & trails, and that’s exactly what they did with the Coast. On top of a pretty standard dropper post, PNW has added a second air chamber with 40mm of tunable air suspension.

Inside is a 2-chamber hydraulic cartridge that manages the post going up or down. A separate air chamber lets you control the stiffness of the suspension – lower pressure for a supple movement through the 40mm of travel, or high pressure to all but lock it out. Just thread a shock pump into the valve on the back of the 2-bolt head, and dial in your preferred setup.

PNW Coast combined suspension & dropper seatpost

The new Coast combined suspension dropper post is available in multiple sizes and routing configurations to fit pretty much any bike.

PNW Coast combined suspension & dropper seatpost

In 30.9 or 31.6mm diameter, the Coast gets 120mm of dropper travel, while a 27.2mm version drops back to 100mm. All three are available with internal routing, or an external actuation from the collar.

PNW Coast combined suspension & dropper seatpostThe two larger diameter posts sell for $179/ 192€ with either internal or external routing. The smaller 27.2mm post is a bit more at $199 / 213€. Several different remote levers are available for either flat or drop bar setups, adding a bit more when you buy the post. PNW backs all of their suspension/dropper posts with a 3-year warranty.


  1. I’ve just got to poke fun at the video….can’t remember the last time I was commuting around town and wished I had a dropper…… 🙂 Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

  2. This isn’t a first. The Exaform 861 from KindShock does a similar thing by design (albeit in a much cheaper and heavier design).


  3. I wonder if the 40mm of ‘travel’ will be damped at all, otherwise it just be a pogo stick on a dropper. Someone hurry up and review it already!

  4. The Bikeyoke Divine has a similar feature. In the mid-travel area there is some suspension, this is the so-called power-climbing zone. The post is fixed in the top and bottom position.

    “One of the features, is the “Tech-Climb” feature. While our DIVINE SL is completely locked in place in the top-out and bottom-out position for consistent riding position, the post can slightly spring in the middle positions. We´ve found out, that extremely steep and technical (e.g. rooty or rocky) uphill sections can be conquered with much more ease, when the saddle is just slightly dropped (lets say about 1-2cm). Having the saddle dropped just a bit (and not completely), the “Tech-Climb” feature” also adds some suspension to the post, flitering the impacts of roots and rocks. Back fully extended or fully dropped, the post is rigid again.”

  5. What does this thing weigh? If the Cascade is 600 g, I imagine this thing is a tank. Maybe that’s why there is no weight published anywhere? Not sure I need a dropper on my gravel bike that bad.

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