Mondraker has more than just big-wheeled enduro bikes to debut for the next model year. They are also stretching out their long-awaited F-Podium carbon full-suspension XC race bike with a longer travel F-Podium DC DownCountry model for more technical riding. And on top of light carbon trail bikes, Mondraker also has an all-new wide range of e-MTBs with update geometry, suspension design & new motors to take you father than ever before up the trail.

2020 Mondraker F-Podium Carbon DC downcountry MTB

2020 Mondraker DownCountry MTB and new eMTB e-bikes
c. Mondraker

The Super Foxy 160mm enduro 29er is the Mondraker’s biggest news for 2020, but maybe even more mountain bikers could put a longer travel XC bike to task on their backyard trails.

2020 Mondraker DownCountry MTB and new eMTB e-bikes

DC stands for Downcountry, the latest Euro trend of mixing longer travel into Cross-country bikes to get something more fun & capable for all-around trail riding. Mondraker sticks with the same frameset as the F-Podium Carbon R & RR which after a long time being teased, finally hit shops just last month. That’s not a bad thing, as the bike already possessed some aggressive (progressive?) geometry for an XC bike with Mondraker’s short-link four-bar Zero Suspension and 100mm of rear wheel travel.

2020 Mondraker DownCountry MTB and new eMTB e-bikes

Now the new DC bikes match that to longer 120mm travel Fox 34 StepCast forks that slacken the head angle out to 66.8°, while the seattube remains a steep 75.1° and BB height climbs 12mm. Reach is shortened by a full 1cm and Stack comes up 7mm with the longer travel up front. (But the already short stems stay the same length, so you might rethink your ideal size depending on the aggressive ride you are looking for.)

2020 Mondraker DownCountry MTB and new eMTB e-bikes

The DC bikes also more of a burly overall spec with larger 2.35″ front tires, bigger 180mm rotors up front, and a house brand internally routed OnOff Pija dropper seatpost (100-150mm travel, depending on frame size).

2020 Mondraker DownCountry MTB and new eMTB e-bikes

The Downcountry is available in two specs – the 7000€ orange F-Podium DC RR with new XTR 1×12 and this 4600€ white F-Podium DC R with GX Eagle.

2020 Mondraker F-Podium Carbon short-travel XC mountain bikes

2020 Mondraker DownCountry MTB and new eMTB e-bikes

If you are still looking for a classic 100mm of XC travel, the standard F-Podium is available in a four lightweight, race-ready builds with its own progressive geometry, plus a frameset option to spec your own race bike.

Completely new 2020 Mondraker e-bikes

2020 Mondraker DownCountry MTB and new eMTB e-bikes

Mondraker says they have completely redeveloped their entire e-MTB line-up for next year with all-new framesets featuring completely revamped rear suspension kinematics designed just for e-bikes with more vertical rear axle paths to improve traction and rear brake function since pedaling platform efficiency is less critical when you have a motor helping out.

The new VPP-style Zero Suspension also got retuned for more suppleness in early travel, followed by better leverage progression to handle the heavier e-bikes and the beatings riders are giving them. The new full-suspension e-bikes also get massively increase lower links, main axles & bearings to handle those heavy loads, along with new sleek motor mounts & battery covers.

On top of all that, a couple of completely new models, improved Forward Suspension geometries, and the newest Generation 4 Bosch Performance CX motors and longer range batteries so you can extend your ride.

2020 Mondraker Level e-SuperEnduro eMTB

2020 Mondraker DownCountry MTB and new eMTB e-bikes

The 180mm front + 170mm rear travel Level is the most burly of the new Mondraker e-MTBs. They call the massive 29er an e-SuperEnduro bike with a 65° head angle, and 35mm shorter chainstays down to 455mm. And like all of their 2020 e-bikes, it is built around the Bosch Performance CX Gen 4 motor (18% more efficient than the previous model) and an internal/removable 625Wh battery (increasing the range by 25% compared to the last year’s 500Wh batteries).

The 6061 alloy frame gets paired to RockShox Lyrik forks, SuperDeluxe Coil rear shocks, and DH casing 2.5″Maxxis Assegai  tires. It is available in two specs – Level RR & Level R, and

2020 Mondraker Crafty e-Enduro eMTB

2020 Mondraker DownCountry MTB and new eMTB e-bikes

The Crafty is the core of their eMTB range with 150mm of rear Fox DPX2 & 160mm of front Fox 36 travel and 29″ wheels. It’s e-enduro for riders who want help pedaling up, but still want to bomb down super technical trails. The new bike gets the same motor, battery & suspension updates, plus revised geo with a 65.5° headtube and shorter 455mm chainstays for a more lively ride in the new season. Get the alloy bike in either a Craft RR or Craft R spec.

2020 Mondraker Dusk e-Enduro / e-All-Mountain eMTB

2020 Mondraker DownCountry MTB and new eMTB e-bikes

The Dusk is effectively same enduro/all-mountain eMTB as the Crafty, dialed back down to 27.5″ wheels with the same 150/160mm travel for a more agile feel. The big difference with the Dusk is the addition of an optional/removable second external 360Wh battery to add to the 630Wh internal battery for longer battery life for extended adventure riding. Gain in two specs – Dusk RR & Dusk R.

2020 Mondraker Chaser e-All-Mountain eMTB

2020 Mondraker DownCountry MTB and new eMTB e-bikes

The all-new Chaser is more of an all-mountain trail e-MTB, with 150mm of travel front & rear and the option for either 29″ or 27.5+ wheels. Either way you look at it, the Chaser gets the gen4 Bosch Performance CX & 625Wh battery with all the latest progressive geometry & suspension updates.

2020 Mondraker Thundra e-All-Mountain hardtail eMTB

2020 Mondraker DownCountry MTB and new eMTB e-bikes

Lastly the Thundra hardtail brings the extended range of the Dusk and its optional secondary battery to a more affordable alloy hardtail e-bike. The Thundra is available again with either 29″ or 27.5+ wheels in a single complete spec, and gets a 120mm travel fork.


  1. “longer travel XC bike” – No, it’s just an AM/trail bike, both spec-wise and geometry-wise. Going further, in a few years DH bikes are gonna be called XC downcountry+ bikes…

    • for 4 years schurter and other scott riders ride with success a slacker bike than the competition. For budget reasons i slacked my XC29er rig with a works component headset. Longer slacker XC bike are better you should forget you pre conception. XC rider have stupidly pushed for steep 26er for very long which were really bad bikes.
      During racing the slightly longer wheelbase and slacker angle never hindered me during climb or tight turns you just need a touch more input. Donwhill these are simply a lot superior. There are downhill in XC too go figure…

      • I ride XC and while I agree with You that slacker geometry helps riding more technical sections, longer travel forks and dampers get in the way when climbing.

        If there is anything i’d like to see on my bike, is a lightweight 27,2 dropper post. 60-70mm of travel will suffice, just anything that helps me move my ass around on descents. 🙂

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