All-City announced an all-new steel road bike, dubbed the Zig Zag. It’s designed for smoothness and efficiency, using their own custom-designed, air-hardened, extruded steel frame. Combining a classic design with disc brakes and detailed touches, the Zig Zag is ready to roll, descend, or just get you to the office.

Images courtesy All City.

All-City Zig Zag steel disc brake road bike

All-City has a variety of steel drop-bar bikes, and just added another to the list – the Zig Zag. Aimed as a classic-looking and class-feeling road bike, the Zig Zag pulls in modern trends like disc brakes, thru axles, and a tapered head tube.

Using a Whisky front fork, the Zig Zag is compatible with full-coverage fenders, for a dose of practicality and commute-ability.

Flat mount brakes handle stopping duties, with All-City signature dropouts keeping the style points in check. A Signature seat collar, pump peg, and head badge round out the custom look for the Zig Zag.

Geometry and sizing have yet to be released, but we do know of the basic build details: Ultegra (Rum Punch paint) for $3,999, or 105 (Purple Haze paint) for $2,699. Framesets are available in Rum Punch paint for $1,299. All are available immediately.


  1. How much does it weigh? How much tire will it clear? Where are the rear fender mounts (none evident on the dropouts)?

    Looks very nice, if very pricey for a steel road bike.

  2. Shame the frameset only comes in that orange (rum punch). I’d much rather have that purple haze frame and fork.

  3. A bit of info from the QBP dealer page:
    The Zig Zag is a modern road bike, built to be a fast and efficient machine, shielding riders from road chatter and unnecessary fatigue to go further, faster, and have more fun. The addition of disc brakes provides confidence in all weather conditions and allows for ultimate control on descents.

    All-City A.C.E. Air-Hardened, custom extruded steel frame with Signature dropouts, brazed-on seat collar, custom head badge and custom tapered headtube with external headset
    Painted to match Whisky No.9 thru axle fork with carbon blades, tapered carbon steerer tube and post mount disc brake
    Frame is E.D. coated for durability & rust prevention
    Thru-axle dropouts, rear flat mount disc brake and Di2 internal cable ports
    Front & rear fender mounts, two water bottle cage mounts and pump peg
    Tire clearance: 700c x 35mm w/o fenders, 32mm w/fenders

  4. Looks great AC but $4K ??? Also, c’mon, 35 is a deal breaker now a days imo. Will 38s fit or not? You can fit 35s on a Mr Pink. And people questioning less than a centimeter bottom bracket height… You wont even notice the difference!

      • Yeah, it’s still truly marketed as their road bike, but with 35s you can ride gravel easily. If you want more rubber, get a Cosmic Stallion.

        • Well… Its their “all-day” road bike. Why not make it fit 38s max??? My mr pink fits 35s, so yeah, I dont need a disc mr pink that fita the same size tires but costs $4K!

          • So you’re not in the market for a new bike but feel the need to flame a BR comment section on a new AC release? …strange.

    • My 52cm Mr. Pink clears 38mm Panaracer GravelKing non-SK (slicks) just fine. They measure exact 38mm wide on 19mm wide rim. As a matter of fact, fork can swallow 40mm.
      All-City is conservative about tire clearance. Zig Zag can swallow 40mm just fine.

  5. This is basically a $4k disc brake Mr Pink, change my mind.
    Also probably wouldn’t feel so snarky if it wasn’t for the whole $4k thing.
    Both paint jobs are pretty sexy.

        • Is this a bike that is even remotely marketed to the messenger crowd? Seems to be a lot of confusion here in the BR comment section tonight. You’re looking for a Big Block and Jim Cravelli is yearning the bigger tire clearance for a Cosmic Stallion. These bikes already exist you weirdos! Twilight Zone sh*t goin’ on here, yo.

          • Oh, you’re right, silly me. They only use messengers for a bunch of their photo ops and literally sponsor messengers, none of which whom I’ve met had a Big Block.

            I’m not hating, just bumming on that slow creep in price. I’m getting a vibe you work for Q or something.

            • Oh, hell no! … work for Q!?! Thanks for the speculation but no, my minimum wage years were a lifetime ago. If I got a dime for every person that complained about the price of bike stuff on this site I could retire tomorrow.

    • Mike A, while both share similar geometries but the tube set is entirely different. When this bike arrives at your local dealer take the Pepsi challenge and and compare the two. Sure, both are steel I bet you come away thinking the Mr. Pink is a boat anchor after riding the Ziggy. I had a similar experience comparing a Macho Man to a Cosmic Stallion last year, which the same tubing comparison as we have with these.

      • Are you saying that AC “ace” tubing has that much effect over columbus zona? Or is it the carbon wheels w thru axles? Just wondering

        • Yes, it’s the tube set. Carbon fork and wheels definitely improve road feel and shave weight. However, thru axles have no bearing over straight line ride feel. Lateral forces from sprinting and climbing and brake forces.. yeah sure, thru axles for the win. So the Cosmic Stallion I tested against my Macho Man had the same aluminum WTB wheels, the only real differentiators was tube set the the fork and it was like night and day. I’ve had plenty of Zona built bikes over the years and it’s decent mid grade, cheap, nothing to write home about tubing. In fact I’m selling a Zona built frame as I type this. I may get $200 for it. It’s a similar quality, weight, and ride feel to Reynolds 631. However A.C.E. is definitely more in the high end lightweight realm. Think Columbus Spirit or Reynolds 853. I would even put up an argument that A.C.E. has the Cadillac ride quality over rough roads and gravel as does Reynolds 753, but in a much lighter package.

          • I’d love to know the weight of Zig Zag frame with A.C.E tubing. Assuming that A.C.E. tubing is more agile next to Zona tubing. My Mr. Pink is 2088 grams + 391 grams Whisky carbon fork (uncut). I expected heavy, ~1800 grams or so.

            • There are many different grades of steel tubing to fabricate a bicycle from. Apparently some who passed through here think there’s no difference between them, or can’t rationalize or justify the cost of the higher end. What more is there to say?… nada.

      • Any chance you got weights and builds to throw around? My custom Mr Pink w/pedals is 21lbs even, and never feels heavy despite the weight. Also to be fair I did go and check out the specs on the website and carbon wheels do make the price a bit more competitive.

        • The Cosmic Stallion I rode last year was 18lbs w/Foce 1x and WTB KOM wheels. I was riding sub 20lb road bikes 20 years ago, so I don’t know how excited I can get about the weight of a Mr. Pink. Aside from the fact that it’s a great value.

  6. Agree that this looks great, but I can’t see choosing it over a MUSA Gunnar frame that costs less/the same and offers more color choices.

  7. Oh man, great comment section. Funny AND informative. Mr Pink owner here.. currently set up for glossy legged fulz gaz prescription T group rides. I’ve considered high end Ti disc next, but now I don’t have to!! I can use the extra 2k for one maap/rapha/pns/attaquer neck warmer.

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