In Episode 3 of Rising, Kate Courtney shows how she and her mechanic, Brad Copeland, set her bike up for race day. Every course is different, so every course requires subtle tweaks to things like tire pressure, suspension setup, and even whether or not she’s running a water bottle cage. But what’s really cool about this video is Blip button placement under the grips…totally wanting to do that on my own bike now!

We caught a look at Nino Schurter’s and Kate’s early season race bikes in this post, just as she was getting set up on the new Scott bikes for 2019. Below is the latest ride, photos courtesy Scott Sports:

what kind of mountain bike does kate courtney ride in 2019

kate courtney scott spark pro bike check

how does kate courtney hide her rockshox reverb remote blip button inside her grips

What do do when Scott has a dual fork/shock lockout remote button and you want to run a dropper seatpost? Hide a SRAM Blip Button under your grip, of course! It’s a clever solution, and keeps the cockpit rather tidy.

kate courtney scott spark pro bike check

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