Handlebar tape is one of those components that’s often an afterthought. But it’s also a component that has a huge impact on your ride comfort (and control). More importantly, as handlebars in the gravel category are getting wider, many rolls of tape simply don’t measure up. The new ENVE handlebar tape aims to fix that.

Bar tape ENVE: new handlebar wrap is longer, padded, & grippy when wet

In order to increase comfort and control, the tape has a rubberized finish that remains grippy even when wet. Underneath, a silicone strip improves the 3mm thick tape’s comfort and helps it to stay in place without the use of adhesives.

Bar tape ENVE: new handlebar wrap is longer, padded, & grippy when wet

To fit wider bars (ENVE claims up to 50cm), the tape rolls are 250cm in length. Each pack includes ENVE bar end plugs and matching finishing tape.

Bar tape ENVE: new handlebar wrap is longer, padded, & grippy when wet Available in black, white, or grey, the tape sells for $40. Available now.



      • He means it’s geared towards wider “gravel” bars & it costs $40. Why are there so many people that speak up FOR these companies that come up with some corny products to capitalize on corny trends at our expense?

  1. You guys obviously missed Spank’s gravel specific bar tape. I also didn’t read anything about this being gravel specific. It’s just long enough to wrap wider bars.

  2. I’ve had good experience withe the Silca Nastro Piloti bar. That stuff is the grippiest I’ve ever used. I don’t know if it’s extra-long like this, but it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for something more grippy.

    • The Enve bar tape is priced a bit less than LizardSkins’ tape and priced equal to or less than Silca’s tape, depending on Silca model. It’s only a rip-off if you’re forced to buy it. As it stands, you’re not out any money since I assume you didn’t buy the tape. As such, you weren’t ripped off. I suspect that users happy with the tape won’t feel like they were ripped off.

      There must be a cycling comment section version of Godwin’s law. “As comments about a bike product increase in number, the probability of someone offering up the knee-jerk reaction comment, ‘It’s a rip-off’, approaches 1.”

          • Pretty sure they mean its over-priced because most any bartape will be more than ample to tape up wider “gravel” handlebars and be pretty grippy to boot.Its annoying (imo) when these companies release slightly modified products and market them in coordinance with the latest trend… For example… When fixes gear was popular companies were making smaller handlebars (less material) for a higher price.

            • Dude. Products don’t just magically happen. Yeah, fixies are/were kinda dumb. But any new product is going to have development and tooling costs rolled in and slightly less material rarely means you’re going to lower cost on a niche item.

            • @Sezam, I’ve wrapped more than a few wider bars where the tape rolls weren’t long enough for proper coverage. Wide bars with even wider flared drops need a lot of tape – and if you’re trying to wrap it thick for comfort on rough terrain you need even more. These rolls are nearly 99 inches long (98.42″). Lizard Skins DSP 3.2mm role are 89″ for example. Does everyone need extra long rolls? No. But is it great that there is an option for rubberized tape for wide bars? Absolutely. And as already mentioned, it’s less expensive than DSP as well.

              • And if this tape lasts longer than LizardSkins tape, that could further justify the price. While I love the feel of LizardSkins’ DSP, it does deteriorate a bit too quickly. I’d happily pay $40 for rubberized or similar grippy bar tape that is durable.

    • It doesn’t work for everyone though. Some folks like or need the grip offered by rubberized or otherwise grippified (made up word) tapes. I imagine if Cinelli worked for everyone, it’d be the only bar tape people would buy.

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