Supacaz is quietly building a line of loud-colored accessories and apparel, adding several pieces of flair to your bike. The California-based company was started by Anthony Sinyard, son of Specialized founder, Mike Sinyard – with a mission of bringing the swagger of his favorite surf/skate brands to the cycling world.

Supacaz 2020 bar tape, gloves, tools, and accessories

Supacaz is all about bringing 80’s surf style to cycling, with a growing line of bar tape accessories, gloves, bottle cages, saddles, and even tools. With product names like Super Sticky Kush, we imagine you won’t have to think too hard about where the inspiration came from.

Their SupaG gloves promote high grip in both wet and dry, along with a minimal Velcro-free closure. The thumb and forefinger are even conductive so you can use your touch-screen device with full-finger gloves on.

Prices range from $40 to $55, depending on style. Colors? Lots.

The core of the Supacaz bar tape line is their Super Sticky Kush (above, lower), which promises extreme grip even while wet. If you want to prioritize your flash, go with the shiny Bling Tape (above, top). Bar tape includes rubberized finishing tape and aluminum bar plugs with 3mm hex bolt.

If blingy tools are your thing (IS that a thing?) – Supacaz offers the QuickFix 10-in-1 multitool in rainbow color, along with a matching CO2 inflator. Check them out at your local dealer, or through the link below.


    • Huffagnolo SuperMagna on

      If we are talking bling truing stands, P&K Lie takes that cake and the rest of the bakery! That is one tool I truly lust after just for the bling factor. Yeah it has all the precision and dials and stuff but realistically a Park stand would be plenty good for me!

      I will say that supacaz stuff is nice! I may have to try it beyond their bar end plugs which work great! I know a few co-workers who use it and they love it.

      • Mike A on

        Seconded. One of my co-workers bought some bar tape and it certainly lives up to it’s name. Super Kush. It was enough to sway me if I was willing to splurge on bar tape.

  1. JNH on

    Well, judging by those gloves he’s got his father’s knack for giving every single feature a snappy marketing name. He’s also got the good sense to sell his gear in colours other than 80’s techno vomit, for all the boring people that just want black.

  2. boots2000 on

    Did they fix the sizing on those gloves. I ordered a set of medium gloves and they were so small that they would work for a 5 year old.

  3. CWG on

    I love the look of their tape, but unfortunately the quality wasn’t up to par. The tape only lasted 2 months, color faded after a few weeks, where my fav fizik tape lasts at least most of a season.


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