Earlier this year, SRAM had a surprise announcement. After years under the Saris roof, the PowerTap brand had been acquired by SRAM. Rather than replacing or rebranding the products as Quarq, SRAM said that the new-to-them products would sit alongside current crank based power meter options.

PowerTap G3 hubs and P2 Pedals relaunched for sale through SRAM dealers

A few months later, the SRAM PowerTap products are now available for sale through stocking SRAM dealers. The G3 hub will be offered in 24, 28, and 32 hole options for $499 for the rear hub. The P2 pedals on the other hand will sell for $899 a set and include a set of 6° cleats and the required AAA lithium batteries. Both are available now (except the 28h hub) from stocking SRAM dealers or directly through the Quarq website below.



  1. And where, exactly, are the centerlock-compatible G4 hubs that PowerTap announced _last_ year?

    TBH, if I have to wait anyway, I’m far more interested in the new SRM SPD-based powermeter pedals that were just announced.

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