If you’ve ever wondered whether SRAM will offer pedals to complete their drivetrain systems, this should be part of the answer: As of April 11, 2019, SRAM has announced their acquisition of the PowerTap brand and tech from Saris. Full PR below…

PRESS RELEASE: Today, SRAM proudly announces the acquisition of the PowerTap line of bicycle power meters from Saris®. The PowerTap product line includes the popular PowerTap P2 Pedal power meter system and the venerable PowerTap G3 Hub power meter line.

SRAM plans to incorporate the PowerTap power meter products into the market leading Quarq product portfolio, including DZero power meters, ShockWiz suspension tuning assistants, and TyreWiz tire pressure sensors.

“Way back in 2006 when I started Quarq, PowerTap was the dominant power meter solution. The accuracy and durability of PowerTap hubs were the standard of power meter performance and set a high bar for us to meet,” says Quarq founder Jim Meyer. “It’s very exciting to now bring PowerTap products into the SRAM/Quarq product family. The future product opportunities are enormous.”

“We are proud of our accomplishments in the power meter sector,” Saris President and COO, Jeff Frehner, said. “We took a product category exclusively available to pros and made it accessible to all athletes looking to reach their highest potential. Today marks the start of a new generation of Saris. While PowerTap is leaving the Saris portfolio, we are excited to grow our product offerings across current and future categories.”

PowerTap sales, support and service will continue without interruption during the transition. Saris will continue to sell and support the PowerTap product line from Madison, WI for a number of weeks during the transition period. After the transition period, SRAM will assume all sales and support of PowerTap from Spearfish, SD, home of the Quarq power meter team.

SRAM® is a manufacturer of innovative bicycle components that was founded in Chicago, Illinois, in September 1987, with the invention of its first product, Grip Shift®. Throughout its 31-year history, SRAM has focused on its product development and innovation expertise in all bicycling disciplines. SRAM has also acquired some of cycling’s most exciting brands. With 3000-plus employees working in offices and manufacturing facilities in 15 countries, SRAM and its brands – RockShox®, TRUVATIV®, Zipp® and Quarq® – comprise the second largest manufacturer of bike components in the world.

Saris is a manufacturer of bicycle accessories committed to making their products in Madison, WI. At Saris, bikes are at the heart of everything they do. Through their products, Saris propels all types of bicyclists forward, be it in pursuit of personal enjoyment or peak performance. Through their advocacy, Saris promotes healthier, happier, bike-smart communities both locally and nationally. Saris endorses four brands: Saris Car Racks, Bike Fixation Public Bike Systems and Infrastructure, PowerTap Cycling Power Meters, and CycleOps Indoor Bike Trainers. For more information, visit www.sarisbrands.com.


    • Bob C on

      Closing PowerTap down would be a horrible thing, I agree. However, I think PowerTap brings a lot to the table for SRAM.

      I love my G3 and prefer hub based power meters for lots of reasons.

  1. Bre Rue on

    Pretty wise move in my book. Now they’ll have hub, pedal and crank based power meter offerings. From a business perspective I can see just how lucrative this move will be. One stop shopping!

  2. Velo Kitty on

    But according to tech support, the strain gauge in a PowerTap hub is held in by wax. wtf?!? No wonder mine failed.

    • Andrew on

      It’s epoxied into place, with a layer of wax over the top for added moisture resistance. That being said, sorry to hear about your issue!

  3. Scott on

    Next up Garmin/Tacx acquires cycleops and Thule acquires saris to close down the lack of innovation that is Saris. They have been riding the wave of the bones rack for too long. Refreshing your products and copying a sh*tty one up rack isn’t going to cut it now. Which BTW isn’t even that great.


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