Headed to Kona for the Ironman World Championship? Dreaming of faster wheels to set your personal best? Then you may want to check out the recently updated Zipp Trade In, Speed Up program. First launched earlier this year, the original program was only open to owners of Zipp wheels. If you had an older set of Zipp wheels, you could trade them in towards a new pair. But now, the program has expanded to include wheels from other brands as well.

Zipp expands Trade In, Speed up program to include some non-Zipp wheels just in time for Kona

According to Zipp the Trade In, Speed Up program is now open to owners of “select Non-Zipp Carbon Wheels.” The catch is that you have to be headed to Kona, or live in the United States.

To upgrade your wheels literally just in time for Ironman Kona, Zipp is working with HP Bike Works to offer on the spot upgrades to qualifying racers. The shop will use their account with The Pro’s Closet to determine if your wheels qualify for the upgrade, and will then get you a trade in value for the wheels if they do. That includes any Zipp carbon wheels or “select non-Zipp carbon wheels” so you’ll have to see if your wheels qualify at the shop if they’re not Zipps.

Zipp expands Trade In, Speed up program to include some non-Zipp wheels just in time for Kona

For those riders not headed to Kona, but living in the U.S., you’ll also be eligible for the Trade In, Speed Up program with your Zipp or possibly non-Zipp carbon wheels. The process is the same, just through your local Zipp dealer with the trade-in value being deducted from the price of your new Zipp wheels.

Check out your local Zipp dealer, stop by the SRAM/Zipp store at the Ironman Kona Expo, or click the link below for more information.



  1. Let me just understand this, so I can take a wheel set and sell it to The Pros Closet and then use that money to buy another wheelset?

    And this is somehow a Zipp program? Can’t I do this already? Or is TPC going to offer me more money than I otherwise would get for my trade in wheels? Some set amount subsidized by Zipp.

    So what this really equates to is a discount on wheels from Zipp?

    I’m speculating a little but I don’t see how this is a trade in program if the amount varies based on the value of the wheels I’m trading in.

  2. According to some lab tests, these do not perform very well. I would look at
    Swiss Side

    I think LightBicycle usually has a 30% off Black Friday sale, plus you can order just rims and build them up as you see fit.

    • The “configurator” for their All-Road bike allows the user to choose mechanical groups, and I would imagine that the same option will exist for the Aero bike.

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