Photo submitted by Dave Schweikert, “This photo is in Carmel, Indiana, the roundabout capital of America, as I train for my latest crazy ride, fundraising for World Bicycle Relief.  In conjunction with National Roundabout Week (yes, it’s a real thing- see here), I will attempt a world record by riding for 24 hours in a roundabout.”

We always love seeing photos from where you are riding and are happy to share them with our readers around the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send us your pics with your name and a brief description here.


  1. BMX on

    Jesus I thought I was sad with the stuff I get up to. I going to print this off and keep it my wallet as a evidence that I could be getting up more useless things like riding around in circles . Thanks for this.

  2. Dustytires on

    While watching the Vuelta the last couple weeks, it seems Spain has some MASSIVE roundabouts, maybe create an International Roundabout Week and go for the record there. Oh, most of the smarter countries already have a ton of them so they don’t need to raise awareness. My guess is that the petrol, tire and brake pad companies here in the USA lobby against roundabouts here.


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